Lexi's Run by Ellison James
(Immortal Desires)

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268 printed pages. Just over 70,000 words.

Alexis is on the run from an arranged mating she refuses to accept when the hunky bounty hunter, Joseph Johnson, literally jumps into her life. With Joseph Johnson, Alexis finds herself in a love she cannot deny, and in more trouble than any young werewolf princess should have to endure.

Follow Alexis as her fierce independence drives her from her community after finding her parents have betrothed her to the future pack Alpha, and her running lands her in a series of lethal situations, along with the most harrowing situation of all-falling in love.

Joseph Johnson is the best in the business of fugitive recovery. But when a chance meeting with Alexis while picking up a felon brings them together, he is intrigued by her strength and independence. What she shows him though, is almost more trouble than she's worth - almost, because he's falling in love - and that's worth all the trouble in the world.


Alexis barely heard the creaking door over her sobs. She turned to the sound but remained crouching in the dark corner behind stacks of apple crates. A shadow moved across the ground and she knew it was Leonidas before he came into view. As he cornered the row of apple crates, she jumped up to a standing position. She attempted to quickly brush her hands across her face and hide evidence of her sobbing.
"I was walking by and heard someone inside, so I decided to check it out," A smirk formed and creased the edges of his mouth.
"Bullshit Leo. You knew my parents were breaking the news to me, and you wanted to see my reaction."
"Breaking the news?" Leo asked, as if his question was more rhetorical and snide, then honest. "Come on, you had to have known about your family's plans since we were children."
"I never really thought they were serious. Besides, you should be mating up with one of the girls clamoring over you instead of hoping for something that will never happen."
"Oh, it is going to happen." Leo stepped forward, his six foot frame filling the small space between the high stacks of apple crates, and blocking off her only exit. "Whether it is official or unofficial, now or later, we will be mated."
Alexis tensed and scowled at him. "You only think you can get away with anything because of your daddy. If it weren't for him, you would've been put down years ago for your poor—"
Leonidas stepped forward and backhanded Alexis, sending her sideways against a stack of crates.
"Bitch, you leave my father out of this." He moved to her as he spoke, pushing her to the dirt floor. He was on top of her before she could react, ripping at her blouse, and cursing in her ear.
"You want to play tough? We can play tough." He pulled at her sleeve until she heard the threads ripping free. "I think we will be mated sooner rather than later."
He pinned her down with one hand to her throat while he busied his other hand grabbing at her breast. Alexis was stunned, in a sudden state of shock, her body starting to go numb, preparing to give in to what was happening. Then, as he squeezed her breast to the point of pain, something snapped inside her. Fear and resignation gave way to anger, and prompted her to shift--not completely, but at some mid-point between human and wolf. In the next instant, more through instinct then conscious thought, she swatted him away and rolled over on top of him. His shift came nearly as quick, but now she had him by the throat, and she squeezed until his breathing turned to gurgling sounds. He batted violently at her but she continued to squeeze his throat with all her strength, kneeling with her knees against his shoulders, until his eyes rolled back and he became motionless beneath her.

About Ellison James

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Ellison James crafts stories of fantasy, urban fantasy, erotica, and everything in between. Born in the Northwestern part of the United States, now living in the Southeast, Ellison James uses a lifetime of living throughout the world as backdrops for stories that usually start in the real world, and then make a quick departure into believable worlds of the fantastic."I like to play with perceptions, stretch the boundaries of believability by making Monsters, Demons, Elfs and Faeries seem like normal everyday folks that just happen to do extraordinary things."The work of Ellison James is often erotic but never smutty, depicting this facet of life like it really is, and from all points of view.Ellison James is the fantasy and erotic pen name for JL Stratton.I'm offering "Lovestruck Succubus" FREE until 24 December. Use code QD37X on the purchase page. I only ask that, in return, you might consider coming back after you read the story and leave a review. Also, feel free to contact me through any of the sites listed below.
Published December 21, 2013 by Ellison James. 209 pages
Genres: Romance, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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