Made to Be Milked 2 by Angel Starr
The Milk Lovers' Ball (Human Dairy Cow Reluctant Lactation Erotica)

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Elizabeth never thought she'd end up a human cow, but when Cream of the Crop Dairy's owner injects her with a serum to make her breasts so large, her tiny frame almost can’t support them. Reduced to a human dairy cow, she’s stripped, given a collar with the name Bessie, and massaged to get her new, delicious milk to let down.

Elizabeth is taken to a black-tie gala, where she is milked and taken onstage. Then she is claimed and tattooed by a rich society matriarch who forces her to do just what the matriarch likes, including lots of milking!

5,000 sexy, milk-splashed words of reluctant lactation, dairy cow fantasy, breast expansion, humiliation and submission, adult breastfeeding, lactation sex, milking machines, a crowd gangbang, and lots and lots of fresh, warm, luscious milk.

All characters are 18 or over, and all sexual acts are fully consensual. Read a steamy excerpt:

One of the cows wandered over and nuzzled her full, leaky breasts. Elizabeth let out a low moan, but before the cow could do any more, a handler yanked her away by her leash. “None of this,” the handler warned. Frau Köhler pulled out her cattle prod and shocked the cow, who screamed. When she caught Elizabeth staring, Frau Köhler pressed the cattle prod to Elizabeth’s bare thigh. A terrible jolt of electricity tore through her, and she whimpered.

Even worse, her body responded with a rush of slick liquid. Elizabeth winced. Hopefully Frau Köhler hadn’t noticed.

“That’s right,” Frau Köhler said, her smile cold. She pinched Elizabeth’s nipple hard. “No hanky-panky. Your milk is to be reserved for the gala’s guests.”

What gala?

But Elizabeth didn’t have much time to wonder, because the handlers herded the cows into the building. Elizabeth crawled along on her hands and knees, barely noticing the pebbles pressing into her with each step. She stared in disbelief; the handlers had led her into a lushly decorated ballroom with burgundy curtains, golden accents on the walls, and a sparkling chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling.

“Get them into the back!” called Frau Köhler. She clapped her hands together. “We only have half an hour before the guests arrive!”

The handlers quickly drove Elizabeth and the other women into a room off the stage. It amazed Elizabeth how quickly she could trot along on all fours, now that she’d been doing it for over twenty-four hours. Or maybe she just didn’t want to get shocked again. She didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. What did matter was the group of people in fine suits waiting for them.

She hoped one of them was going to milk her. She needed it so badly. The other cow’s tantalizing nuzzle had left her hot and frustrated. Twin white droplets seeped from her own nipples.

One woman with delicately manicured nails and a cream skirt and jacket reached for Elizabeth’s leash and pulled her toward a table covered with clothing. The woman flipped through the pieces, all black or red or silver, and finally settled on a long, form-fitting ebony dress. It was clearly designer and expensive, and ordinarily, Elizabeth would never have even dared try such a beautiful thing on. But before she could wonder why, the woman was tugging the dress over her head.

It fit Elizabeth like a glove. A sexy glove made of satin and seed pearls. But something was off.

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Published April 13, 2013 by Starrshine Books. 16 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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