Mail Order Bride by Joan Russell
Svetlana - Erotic Foursome

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Mail Order Bride:Svetlana. 3,596 words. Svetlana Baranova Baikov is a Mail Order Bride. When her new husband Mack Handler introduces her to his two best friends Bunny Simkins and Junior Edwards she knows she is in for a wedding night unlike any other. Contains: Multiple Partner Sex, Anal Sex, MMMf, Oral Sex. Spanking, Bondage, Fistingm and Arming, Rimming, Double Entry Anal Penetration, Suffocation, Gangbang. All characters are 18 and above. Adult 18+


Looking at Svetlana Baranova Baikov no one would have thought that her life wasn’t a fairy tale. Six feet of slender red head with wide blue eyes and the face of an angel made her the envy of every woman in a room and the object of every man’s fantasy. The problem for Svetlana was that too many men had acted out the fantasy part. That plus the fact that for some reason their attentions had never benefited her. From the age of twelve she had been passed around from benefactor to benefactor. Rapes, beatings and humiliation were her norm. Surviving was what she did.
Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union had been chaotic to say the least. Gangs had emerged and replaced politicians as the abusers of the population. Those on the outside, and Svetlana was on the outside, suffered. Bread lines may have been shorter, but life wasn’t appreciably better. The big difference was that Russians could travel. They could leave the country and seek their fortunes in better places, places like America.
That was how she happened to be driving in a ten year old Chevy pickup on the I-15 toward Las Vegas enjoying a warm day in January. She thought it might have been the first warm day in January she had ever experienced. Warmth and the bright sun through the long day were such a treat for her that she knew her life had changed forever.
She was sitting beside her soon-to-be husband Mack Handle who had just picked her up at the McCarran International Airport and was on his way to The Little White Wedding Chapel in Downtown, the most famous wedding site in America. She was gazing with rapture at the very first real palm trees she had ever seen. The weather was magnificently warm, on this winter day. The mountains were brown and dry. She was as far from Russia as should could ever have imagined being.
“Do you need something to eat?” Mack asked, breaking Svetlana’s new world reverie.
“Thank you yes,” she said. Her English wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as she had feared. At least Mack seemed to understand what she said if she spoke slowly and she had been able to get his meaning so far. She was a quick study and a pleaser, she planned to learn fast.
They dined on Big Macs and salty fries inside the McDonald’s on Las Vegas Boulevard before making their way to The Little White Chapel just up the street. She was thrilled, she had heard so much about McDonald’s. To her amazement there were slot machines in the restaurant. Mack gave her $2.00 in quarters and she won $3.00. She took it as a sign of good luck.
At The Little White Chapel, she showed her passport, he showed his driver’s license. They signed the official documents and then stood in front of the pastor who spoke the words that pronounced them man and wife. She remembered to say “Yes” instead of “Da” when the pastor asked her if she took Mack Handel to be her lawfully wedded husband. She had no idea about the need to say, “I do.” They were out of The Chapel in fifteen minutes. She was married to an American and on her way to citizenship. So far so good.
Mack took her to the casino where he was a dealer. He picked up his pay check. She played the slots and lost her $3.00 plus one more. She excused the loss as a fluke in the lucky glow of the day and thought she’d do better next time.
She knew very little about Mack as a person but she did know he owned a house on the outskirts of Las Vegas because he had sent her a picture of it in one of his letters. In Russia she had been lucky to share an apartment with five friends now she was

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Published June 6, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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