Milked and Dominated by the Billionaire by Eva Creed
(Submissive Orgasm Denial Lactation Erotica)

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Jennifer's new at Mr. Richards' manor, and already she's in big trouble. Tied up in a secluded area by the billionaire himself, Jennifer soon finds herself helpless to resist as he torments her lactating, sensitized breasts. She's about to face the most hellishly pleasurable orgasm denial session of her life! 10469 words! Bondage, lactation, and orgasm denial! Adults only! All characters over 18.


Tossing the duster aside, he grabbed hold of my breasts from where he laid and squeezed hard and firmly. The impending release was nothing short of incredible. Two literal jets of milk sprayed forth from my nipples, shooting out between his clenched fingers and covering his arms. At the same time, an indescribable pleasure flowed through my entire being. From the first moment that his fleshy palms made contact and pressed against my aching skin, I was in heaven. An incredibly blissful feeling welled up inside me, that only got more and more pronounced as he rubbed and massaged my aching breasts.

It was impossible for me to say anything coherent right now. All that came out of my lips were wild sighs and constant lewd moans expressing my undeniable contentment. When he pinched my nipples between his fingers, it was like my breasts were being forced to squirt out everything inside of them. Milk continuously bubbled out and dripped down between our pressed bodies, wetting his clothes and snaking its way into the spaces available. It felt so good gushing out that I could scarcely recognize what was going on around me.

When I next regained my senses, I realized Mr. Richards had gotten off of me. He was taking off and discarding his soiled clothes on the floor, revealing an incredibly ripped upper body. No wonder he had no problem wrestling me down onto this bench. That broad back and those shoulders, arms that were big and strong, lined with fine hair. He must've worked for years to have built up that kind of awe-inspiring masculine physique. Nothing less from such a big player in the world.

Now that my breasts weren't demanding as much attention, I could feel my limbs aching from the strained position they were being kept in. My crotch was feeling soaking wet, and not from spilling milk down there. I hadn't noticed when my breasts were the number one priority on my list, but now it was more than apparent, the way my soaked panties clung to my skin there.

Mr. Richards was coming back this way, wearing only his slacks. He walked right to my side, then unexpectedly thrust his hand right in-between my thighs!

"Eek! Where are you touching..!? S-Stop!"

Ignoring my complaints, he fingered my pubic area through the moistened fabric. Two fingers ran lightly on both of my folds, teasing them with quick up-and-down motions. Then he took the hem of my panties and peeled them down, exposing the moistened skin to the air. Leaving it stretched out between my lower thighs, he pressed his thumb right up against my protruding clit, massaging against the throbbing flesh there. It felt so good that I reflexively tried to thrust my hips out, even though I was already being forced to thrust them out as much as I could by my bondage. As a result, all I really did was wriggle about and moan lewdly. But that was enough to signal my appreciation.

With his left hand fingering my crotch, his right reached up and captured my breast within its grasp. He began to fondle it, stimulating those over-sensitized globes of mine and causing me to sigh pleasantly. I hadn't stopped producing milk and it sprayed out in squirts every time he squeezed or tweaked my nipples. I noticed his eyes staring at my face, and it occurred to me what kind of perverted expression I must have on my face right now.

"Don't look at me like that..."

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Published September 15, 2012 31 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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