Milked by Force 2 by Cherry Dare
Bred by the Bull (Human Dairy Cow Reluctant Lactation Erotica)

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Carly never expected to become a human dairy cow, milked and made to graze. Then Lindstrom Lactation Laboratories paid her a thousand dollars to become their human milk cow for a week. She was treated with Milkdown X, a special formula which made her breasts grow and lactate… and become so sensitive that milking drove her wild with desire.

As a human cow slave, Carly discovers new frontiers in humiliation and submission. She is forced to attend a meeting of investors as a living milk bar, publicly offering up her naked body and lactating breasts. And when the lactation lab wants even more milk from their human cow, they stimulate her lactation by breeding her to their prize human bull!

5000 milk-soaked words of lactation, dairy cow fantasy, humiliation and submission, medical fetish, group sex, adult breastfeeding and lactation sex, milking machines, and great gushing sprays of warm, delicious milk!

All characters are 18 or over, and all sexual acts are fully consensual. Read a steamy excerpt below!

The nurse took one end of the trailing ribbon tied around Carly’s neck and led her, as if she was a dog on a leash.

Carly followed obediently. All she cared about now was being milked. At least, she reminded herself, she would be milked privately, in her stall. Once she left the lactation lab, no one would ever know that she had once spent a week as a cow.

But the nurse didn’t lead her to her stall. Instead, she led her toward a building near the laboratory. Once they stepped into the building, Carly balked. It was an office building, full of men and women in business suits, carrying briefcases. And she was being led along on a leash, naked on all fours, with a ringing cow bell tied around her neck!

“If you want to be milked, you’ll follow me,” Nurse Arnfelt said.

The pressure in Carly’s breasts and the throbbing in her pussy had built up to unbearable levels. She followed the nurse, desperate for a good milking.

As she crawled along the polished floors of the office building, Carly felt milk begin to seep through her ducts, pulled by gravity. Her breasts began to slowly drip milk to the floor. Even that small release felt ecstatic. Carly moaned and writhed, shaking herself until her breasts bumped into each other. That little touch sent her nearly to the brink of orgasm.

But the nurse yanked her ribbon, distracting her and preventing her from coming. Carly moaned again, this time with frustration.

“We’re here,” the nurse said brightly.

She opened an office door and led Carly into a room full of men in suits and women in severe business outfits. In the front of the room stood Dr. Lindstrom, the cold doctor who had invented Milkdown X and fucked Carly on an examination table to make her let down her milk. Nurse Arnfelt led Carly up the steps to the stage that he stood on, and handed Carly’s ribbon to him.

“Welcome, prospective investors,” said Dr. Lindstrom. “You’ve heard me explain what Milkdown X is. But you will now get a demonstration. This fine dairy cow here was an ordinary woman before her treatment with Milkdown X. Now, she is a prize milk cow.”

Dr. Lindstrom tied Carly’s ribbon to the podium.

“I invite you to come taste her milk from the source,” he said. “Or, if you prefer, there is coffee and tea on the side bar. There’s nothing like human milk in your coffee! If her production starts slowing down, feel free to fuck her. That helps her let down.”

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Published December 3, 2013 by Red Hot (Lactation Erotica). 17 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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