Milking My Daughter - An Erotic Story by Amber Adams
(Daddy Fantasies)

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Clark thought he had plenty of time to shower start dinner before his stepdaughter arrive. He found out otherwise when he walked out in his boxers and found her nursing her baby.

The sight her breastfeeding seriously turned him on. He made it into the kitchen before she saw his erection. Could he escape before she found out his secret kink? What would she do if she caught him?

Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves adult breastfeeding (lactation) between a man and his stepdaughter. All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen and are not biologically related to one another.



He brushed his hair and slid on a fresh pair of boxers. He could save a little time by starting the water boiling for the pasta before he finished dressing.

Clark was halfway through the living room when he noticed he wasn’t alone. He froze and stared at Rachel, who was sitting on his couch breastfeeding little Amy while scrolling through something on her iPhone.

Her smile widened as she gave him a once over while he tried not to stare at her open blouse or the baby’s lips wrapped around her nipple. If she was embarrassed, she didn’t show it. He, however, started blushing almost immediately.

Her eyes twinkled merrily. “My, oh my, Daddy. You’ve been working out.” She snapped a quick picture before he could come to his senses and run for the bedroom. “We’ll need to put that up on Facebook.” His eyes kept darting down to the tanned expanse of skin on her chest and the swell of her breasts.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you’d be here so early. I just came out to get the water boiling. You’re not really going to put that online, are you?” He didn’t know much about computers, so she took it on herself to make him a Facebook page. That meant she might not have been making an idle threat.

“Maybe. It’s not as if you’re really naked or anything…just mostly. Think of it like being in swimming trunks.”

“That makes it so much better.”

“You’ll have better luck meeting women if you show them that hot bod.” She pulled Amy away from her breast and covered her nipple with a pad.

For a few glorious moments, he saw her pretty nub with milk beading on the tip. He turned for the kitchen while she set the baby into the playpen beside the sofa. He didn’t want her to see his cock stiffening. In boxers, the damned thing would probably pop out the front.

She followed him into the kitchen after a few moments. He saw that she’d buttoned her blouse, coving the source of his lust. He also saw the flash when she took a picture of him from behind.

“Seriously?” He shook his head and turned he heat up on the water. He didn’t turn around because he needed a few minutes for his growing erection to subside.

“Why not? You’re a hot guy. You deserve to have women fighting over you like a designer dress in a bargain basement sale.”

He laughed. “That sounds dangerous.”

“It can be. You really should date more often. It’s too empty around here.”

“Who has time? I work 80 plus hours a week in the construction business. When you’re the boss, you work harder than anyone else.”

Rachel leaned up against the counter. “You can find time. You just need the right incentive: a hot babe that wants to see what you’ve got under those shorts. If you let me post these, you’ll get that.”

He tried to figure out how he could get out of the kitchen when he couldn’t even turn around. She showed no sign of moving and he was out of things to do.

“You need some help over there?” she asked peering over his shoulder.

He jumped a little. He’d been thinking so hard he hadn’t heard her slip up behind him. “Ahh…”

Rachel frowned at the water. “You’ve been standing here waiting for the water to boil?” Her eyes widened as she looked lower just before he turned his body.

“You’ve got a hard on!” Her tone was a mixture of amusement and accusation. “You got turned on by seeing me breastfeed Amy!”

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Published May 28, 2012 by Dirty Girl Publishing. 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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