Mistress & Maid by Messalina de Witt
A Victorian Seduction

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Lady Wilhelmina Bracegirdle is interviewing a new lady's maid, Mary -- but Mary is a blushing innocent who has no idea of the kinds of lusty bedroom duties Lady Bracegirdle will demand of her... This sensuous erotic tale set in Victorian London is 5,000 words long and contains oral sex between a mistress and her maid.

With trembling hands, Mary lifted her shift over her head and set it aside. Lady Bracegirdle stood behind her and rested her chin on Mary's shoulder, pointing to the mirror as she spoke. "There," she said, "see those fine brown eyes? They are wide and bright and have nothing but truth in them. That is a beauty few can possess. The skin is pale as milk, creamy and clear, a little flushed now because of your modesty -- another beauty of the soul that not one girl in a thousand can owe. The lips are lush and pink and plump -- made for kissing." Lady Bracegirdle turned Mary's face around so that they were close enough for their breaths to mingle. "Have you ever been kissed, Mary?"

Mary shook her head. "No, m'lady."

"A tragedy! A tragedy, indeed. Let me give this sad drama a happy ending, then." They stood so close that it took the tiniest of movements to press her lips to Mary's. Mary's lips parted at the slightest urging of Lady Bracegirdle's, and when Lady Bracegirdle let the slightest tip of her tongue into Mary's mouth, Mary opened it with a sigh of pleasure and slid her own tongue against that of her mistress. The eagerness with which she took to kissing sent a frisson of delight down Lady Bracegirdle's spine, and it was with great reluctance that she broke off the kiss. There was more work to be done that night!

"Look again," she said, her voice low and intimate. Mary turned her head, slowly, as if in a dream, and gazed upon her reflection in the mirror. "Look," said Lady Bracegirdle, using the tips of her fingers to draw a sinuous line down from Mary's shoulder, along her collar bones, curving under her right breast before cupping it gently in her hand. "See this sweet breast, so soft and round, so heavy in my hand. Is it not as lovely as any rose? Ah, but I am neglecting its twin!" She reached around with her other hand to cup the other breast. "See the tiny rosebuds at the heart of each – so pink, so perfectly coral-like, and see! They stiffen at my touch. As if they were coming to attention."

Mary's heart was beating so hard it made her left breast quiver on her chest, and Lady Bracegirdle could see the pulse leaping in her throat. "Are they not... too big, m'lady?" she whispered.

"Who told you that?" Lady Bracegirdle said, and when Mary opened her mouth to speak, she laid her finger over Mary's lips. "Never mind. They were lying, perhaps out of jealousy, perhaps out of meanness of spirit. Your breasts are perfectly beautiful. Beautiful to look at and divine to touch."

Mary's breath began to quicken and her eyelids fluttered. "It -- it feels good when you touch them," she murmured. "No one has ever done that before."

"And you have never done it yourself, I'll warrant. Have you ever touched your womanly jewel?" Confusion showed on Mary's face, and Lady Bracegirdle let one hand stray downwards, between Mary's breasts, down over her belly, to touch the soft bush of hair where her torso met her legs...

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Published July 7, 2012 18 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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