My Boss Is a Tentacle Monster!!! by Serena St Claire
(Tentacle Sex Breeding Erotica)

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When Charlotte finally gets a job working as a personal assistant for John Nyman, she's thrilled. He's pretty sexy, and they have to work in close contact. But when he asks her to stay late one night, he has other things in mind. Will Charlotte give in to her desires, or will his plan to impregnate her with his tentacles be too much for her?

Warning: this 3000 word story contains fingering by a tentacle, explicit sex with a tentacle and impregnation.

~~ The following excerpt is for 18+ readers ONLY!! ~~

The meeting had been predictably relatively boring, but thankfully it was quick. John had negotiated with the men from Hong Kong and they had worked out a deal that sounded good to Charlotte, and to John as well, as he was especially thrilled when they walked back to his office together to go over Charlotte’s notes when they were finished, as they always did after important meetings.

“That was fantastic, I’m glad we got that deal done. They got a lot out of it as well, I’m a strong believer that in a good negotiation both sides come out on top, it means that they’ll be happy to continue working with us in the future.”

Charlotte smiled. “I do enjoy watching you work the crowd.”

John suddenly looked at her. “You know Charlotte, you’re a beautiful woman.” Charlotte blushed. “You have a fantastic body. I know I shouldn’t be saying this to an employee, but I really, really want to fuck you right now.”

Charlotte’s face turned a deeper shade of crimson. She had no idea how to react. Her body did, however: hearing her boss say those words caused those familiar juices to well up inside of her, and she started feeling the heat in her private areas. It had been ages since Charlotte had sex, and she knew she wanted it right now.

“I’m not going to just fuck you though” John said, looking at her. “I’m going to take you, I’m going to make you mine, and I’m going to get you pregnant tonight.”

Charlotte was stunned at what she heard. It sounded like John was going to completely dominate her. Suddenly, she saw something she couldn’t believe. John stood in front of her, and suddenly his limbs started changing. They were no longer arms and legs, but tentacles! His limbs were now long and green, one side laced with suction cups. There were two tentacles in the place where each of his limbs had been previously. Suddenly, Charlotte realized with horror, a ninth tentacle protruded from where his penis should have been. It was longer and slightly thicker than a penis, with still the same suction cups.

Taking a couple of steps with his tentacle legs, John came over to Charlotte. “I’m going to fuck you with my tentacles right now” he told her. Charlotte gasped as two of the tentacles wrapped themselves around each of her wrists and lifted her up into the air. They were cold and had a bit of a slimy feel to them. Charlotte could feel the suction cups against her skin. Suddenly, another tentacle came over and wound its way up her shirt, ripping it off, along with her bra. Charlotte instinctively tried to cover herself, but couldn’t with her arms held up in the air.

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Published August 15, 2012 12 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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