My Brother Doesn't Want To by Remember Nikki Pink
(Forced Brother Blackmail Pseudo Incest)

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Eighteen year old Nikki is unlike her moral parents and brother. Despite being adopted at birth and raised together, Nikki is a wild, smoking, drinking, nymphomaniac whereas her big brother Matt is a paragon of Christian virtue, volunteering at church and wearing a chastity ring to show his intention to remain pure until marriage.
Unfortunately for Matt, Nikki has other ideas. Bored of her current lover, she sets her sights on her sexy big brother, and she has to use all of her wiles to ensnare him. After filming him in a compromising situation, she has the blackmail material she needs to make him do whatever she wants.
This 5,500 word extreme story contains scenes of man-on-man oral sex, blackmail, dubious consent from a forced reluctant brother, and a pseudo-incestuous sex between a girl adopted as a baby and her “brother”. If these topics are offensive to you, this story may not be for you.

I padded barefoot out of my room to my brother's. I knocked briskly on the door.
“Matt, are you in there?” I said.
“Uh yeah, hold on.” He said from inside.
A few seconds later my brother opened the door. He was wearing basketball shorts and a muscle top. I reached up and squeezed his right bicep. “Nice guns, bro!”
“Yeah, thanks. I thought you went out?”
“I did. Then I came back.” I said with an innocent smile.
“Oh, I didn't hear you come in.”
“No? Well, I've been back ages.” His eyes opened wide for a second before he regained control. “Where's Danny?”
“Oh he's gone. I'll see him back at college.”
“Cool. What's that on your face?” I raised my index finger and thumb to my mouth, slipped them between my plump lips and coated them in saliva. I reached up to his mouth and rubbed at the corner, spreading a little of my spit along his lips.
He reached up quickly and pushed my hand away before furiously rubbing at the corner of his mouth. There'd been nothing there, but it was fun to tease him and see his horrified reaction.
“Ice cream! I had some ice cream.”
“Oh, I didn't think we had any. Are you sure it wasn't something else?”
“No! It was ice cream.”
“Alright, calm down! You've been sucking on an ice cream, I get it.” Matt's eyes flashed again at my choice of the word 'sucking'. This is fun, I thought.
“What do you want Kelly?”
“Just you, big brother, just you. I'm bored.”
I slid by him before he could stop me and sat down on the sofa. There was a damp patch on the edge of the sofa between my legs. Matt came over and stood in front of me.
“Sit down Matt, let's talk.”
He sat down beside me. “Talk about what? Can I help you with something?”
“What's this?” I asked him, indicating the damp patch on the sofa.
“Ice cream. I told you I was eating ice cream.”
“You're a messy boy, Matt.” I pulled out my phone with my right hand and put my other hand on my brother's muscular thigh. I gave it a little squeeze and let my hand lay there, resting. He looked uncomfortable, he always seemed to hate it when I touched him.
“Here, I want to show you something.” I said holding my phone in front of my chest. I shuffled over so our thighs were touching.
“What is it?”
“Watch.” I gently begin to grip his thigh with my fingers, pulling his flesh together and releasing it, massaging him. I opened up the video player on my phone, and started the video. On the screen a naked Danny appeared, leaning back with mouth open and eyes closed as my brother went to town on his thick cock.
“Oh my God!” He jumped up and clutched his head with his hands.


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Published November 28, 2012 17 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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