My Daughter's New Bikini - An Erotic Story by Amber Adams
(Daddy Fantasies)

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Aaron’s stepdaughter and her friend invited him to join them in the pool after their shopping trip and he agreed. He wouldn’t be able to spend time with her after she left for college.

He had second thoughts when he saw how skimpy their bikinis were. Then they asked him to put sunscreen on them. Would one touch be enough? How would they react if they knew how much they turned him on?

WARNING: This erotic story is for ADULTS ONLY and contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse between a man, his stepdaughter, and her best friend. All characters are over the age of eighteen.



“Oooo! Good idea about the sunscreen,” Pat said. “I don’t want to burn.”

He looked up to agree with her and froze. The two young women stood there wearing next to nothing. Their bikini tops barely covered their nipples and the bottoms had to have required shaving, or waxing. They might as well have been naked.

Pat modeled for him. “Do you like it?” Carla mirrored the pose and then pushed her chest out at him. He could clearly see the shape of her firm nipples through the thin fabric. He could only imagine how sheer it would be when wet. That was about the time he became aware of his cock springing to life.

To keep from embarrassing himself, he handed Pat the bottle and turned toward the hot tub. He knew it was wrong to be excited at the sight of them, but he was only human. His body didn’t care that it was his stepdaughter and her friend. It wanted to… Well, that wasn’t happening.

He pulled the cover off the sunken tub and started the jets.

He was about to climb in when Carla grabbed his arm. “Can you spread this on our backs? Thanks.” She put the bottle in his hand and laid face down in the lounge chair beside Pat.

They had their faces turned so they couldn’t see him, so he really didn’t have a reason to refuse. He wished they’d just put it on each other, because that wouldn’t have been such an arousing mental picture.

Then he had a flash of them slathering sunscreen all over one another while staring into each other’s eyes. This only made his cock harder. Jesus, he was turning into a pervy old man.

As they lay there, side-by-side, he couldn’t help letting his gaze wander down their bodies. It seemed impossible, but the girls who had once run squealing through the house about some Hollywood heartthrob in some romantic comedy or some anonymous lead singer in some nameless band had become young women when he wasn’t paying attention. Their long, tanned legs, curvy hips, and narrow waists were all he could see from the rear, but he couldn’t help but notice earlier how full their breasts had become.

Since those little bikini bottoms only had a string in back, he had a completely unfettered view of their nice, full asses. He firmly told himself to abandon this train of thought, do what he needed to, and get into the hot tub before he grossed them out.

He took a deep breath, put a towel onto the concrete, and knelt between them. He squeezed some of the lotion on his hands and started rubbing in onto Carla’s back. Her skin was soft and warm, just as a woman’s should be. He kneaded the sunscreen into her shoulders, making her twitch and groan in a way that made his cock twitch.

“Keep doing that, Mister C. That feels so good. Rub harder.”

Pat turned her head and watched them. “Now that’s service! I want a massage with my sunscreen, too. From now on, you are to be known as the cabana boy.”

Thankfully, his bulging trunks were facing away from her. He tried to will his erection down, but that never worked. He started doing math in his head to distract himself. When that didn’t work, he started imagining ugly female politicians naked. But a naked woman was still a naked woman; and he was just a man. A lonely, horny man.

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Published May 28, 2012 by Dirty Girl Publishing. 32 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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