Nose Breathing by Andy Catt
End Asthma, Snoring and Sleep Apnea

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Finally! A safe and effective way to end snoring, sleep apnea and asthma symptoms!

Defeat the life limiting effects of snoring, sleep apnea and asthma with a simple breathing technique, proven time and time again in clinical trials and though hundreds of individuals who say: “Asthma, snoring, sleep apnea…no more!”

If you are reading this page than you or someone you love is suffering from the horrible feelings and consequences of:
Ø Not being able to catch their breath at night, and a CPAP machine is not the silver bullet doctors think it is.
Ø Countless hours of snoring – keeping partners awake and leading to exhausted days, irritability and low energy.
Ø Gasping for breath while you fumble for an inhaler to combat the urgent and threatening attack of asthma.

Yet mainstream medicine has failed to give solutions that are not embarrassing, expensive, cumbersome or get to the root cause of the problems.

If you live with a person who snores, as much as you’d like a good nights sleep
you know going to bed is going to be another irritating night of watching
the clock go around while your partner “saws” away.

If you go to bed each night with the anticipation of wearing an uncomfortable
CPAP mask, feeling like an alien in your own home, you’ve got to be thinking,
“There has to be a better way!”

And with each puff on that inhaler you have to be wondering,
“What is this doing to my long term health? What are the side effects and
why can’t someone get to the bottom of a solution?”

Now there is a better way…an easy and “device free” solution…and one without the harmful side effects or medicines!

The solution? Learn to “breathe”!

Inside the Nose Breathing guide you’ll find the answers to your questions, and the exact step-by-step methods of overcoming the harmful effects of mouth breathing and replacing them with the health benefits of nose breathing. You’ll discover:

ü The causes of mouth breathing and how you probably let it slip into your life.
ü The scientific benefits and reasons for nose breathing. Read this section and everything will make perfect sense. You’ll have one of those “aha!” moments.
ü The dangers of “over-breathing” – such as occurs at night with snorers or sleep apnea sufferers, or even during the day with those who have asthma.
ü The misunderstood importance of carbon dioxide and what it does for cell life, warding off disease and transmitting signals to the brain at night telling you to breathe.
But most importantly, you’ll be given:
ü A three step action plan to change your life forever, even while you are asleep!

The Australian Association of Asthma Foundations found that nasal breathing reduced the need for asthmatic inhalers by 90% in a hospital in Brisbane.
• Snorers, and their bed partners, can achieve complete satisfaction by using nasal breathing techniques.
• The predecessor of the nasal breathing treatment plan, Dr. Buteyko of the Ukraine, demonstrated its effectiveness as far back as 1950. But his methods of re-training most found quite lengthy and time consuming. The time to master nasal breathing has been drastically reduced in this new system and compliment of tools from The techniques are more clearly spelled out, demonstrated and defined.

Calandar of Events
Day 1: Your first day with the secrets to cure your breathing problems. You perform the first treatment and already your breathing feels more restful. You feel more confident and go about your day with a positive outlook.

Week 1: The Nose Breathing Program is working and you're starting to notice reduced symptoms. You start to visualize what life will be like without this monkey on your back; no breathing problems, no symptoms and no medication.

Week 2: Asthma sympthoms reduced by up to 50%. Snoring greatly reduced. Amount of apneas per night reduced.

Week 3: Need for medication reduced.

Week 4 and beyond: You feel different. You have more energy. Life changed!

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Published March 23, 2013
Genres: Health, Fitness & Dieting. Non-fiction

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