Of Biblical Proportions by Darren Cleave

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(A Complete Novel)

James Henderson is a loner. He is also a brilliant quantum physicist. More significantly, he is a troubled and deluded man on a mission, intent on fulfilling an incredible, epic quest to rewrite the greatest story of all time.

As a child, James was endlessly subjected to his mother's staunch Catholicism and his father's insistence that Abrahamic, monotheistic religions were misguiding and misinforming their followers about the history and origins of their faith.

Eventually, James had agreed with his father. The religious evidence simply didn’t stack up. The more he studied, the more convinced he became that the Biblical story of a kind, mystical old man creating an entire universe for the convenience of humanity, and all from the comfort of a fairytale kingdom in the sky, was ridiculous nonsense.

The more likely reality was that an exploratory team of alien scientists, known as Angels, had discovered an uncommonly fertile planet, Earth. On it they had identified an emerging species that, with a bit of accelerated genetic enhancement, could be entrusted as compassionate caretakers of a precious, life supporting sanctuary.

God, James had concluded, was the name of the alien in charge of the project.

The human project, however, falls into difficulty. Humanity is simply too aggressive. Instead of caretakers they become the Earth's greatest threat.

God knows something must be done. The project must be terminated and restarted.

Unsure why, James feels involved. Certain that his mastery of quantum physics hasn’t come about by chance, he is convinced that an entity more powerful than a mere Biblical god has purposefully given him his incredible understanding of all things scientific and an overwhelming compulsion to fulfil a task of biblical proportions. He feels bound to a quest of such magnitude it is certain to completely redirect the course of religious and spiritual development; and in doing so, prevent the otherwise unavoidable condemnation of humankind.

In the face of endless obstruction, using his own sophisticated technology, James develops an incredible machine capable of transporting him through time. His intention; to travel backwards almost 2000 years in search of Jesus, a very special emissary who unbeknown to those around him, is the alien/human hybrid messenger of God.

James is supremely confident. Once Jesus understands his unique circumstances, he will embrace James as an equal. The two men will then use James' privileged knowledge and perspective to ensure the mistakes certain to bring about Jesus’ untimely death are not repeated, and the principle objective, consolidating monotheism and promoting spiritual refinement, is achieved. The destructively negative influence of what James considers to be the Devil, the aggressive and irrepressibly dispassionate Ego, will fail to dominate, and humankind will be saved.

As the machine is being tested, with almost impeccable timing, a series of inexplicable UFO sightings cause global panic and confirm James’ suspicions. Just as The Book of Revelation had prophesied, God was returning. Armageddon was imminent.

Driven by an insatiable sense of urgency and the passion of intensely paranoid delusion, James embarks on his incredible journey.

However, as his quest progresses, his plan begins to falter. As more and more startling truths are revealed, his perception of God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell, and the spiritual destiny of humankind, begins to change, and the clarity of his vision grows increasingly distorted.

Ultimately, as his mission races to its conclusion and the incredible responsibility intensifies; when circumstances demand decisive action, the seeds of doubt are firmly ingrained in his mind…

Time travel, and uncompromising religious scrutiny are key factors in this relentless psychological thriller. It addresses questions that, for centuries, ordinary people have been asking and religious institutions have been avoiding.

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Published March 4, 2013 531 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, History, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. Fiction

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