Office Hours, No. 2 in the 'Tempted by her Student' series by Paris Rivera
(lesbian seduction)

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“Enjoyed the way the story flowed her expressive descriptions and writing voice was excellent and the story was a great little teaser as well.”
“sexy… real good.”
“exciting, enticing, enchanting…”
For lovers of teasing lesbian fiction, seductive lesbian stories and arousing lesbian erotica...
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As Bella entered the campus, the lime green of the trees looked a little brighter than usual and the birds sang more sweetly.

At 35, Bella liked how she looked that morning. In the mirror, her fair hair had had a particular shine to it and her blue eyes were radiant, her skin youthful.
She thought of the amazing dark-eyed girl who had flirted with her on the train, the card the girl had given her, and the incredible night they’d had when Bella dared to call.

Back in her office, Bella caught up with several students in her office hours.
Suddenly the last for the day was already inside the door.

My God, it’s her! The girl from last night!

Bella was suddenly furious, terrified and excited.

“What… what are you doing here?”, she spluttered.

“I had to see you!”

Bella quickly checked that the door was properly closed. It was, thank goodness!

“I can’t believe you came here!”, Bella exclaimed. “I mean coming to my university! You’ve got a bloody nerve!”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean you’ve got a nerve coming to my place of work, young lady!”

The girl calmly adjusted a purple pin in her neat hair bun before replying:

“Well excuse me, Miss Prim-and-Proper-Now-That-It’s-Morning, but I am actually a student at this university!”

Bella went into shock and her heart went from fast to electric: “You are?”

“Yep, in the anthropology department.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I’m an undergraduate.”

“You are?”

“Listen, Bella”, the girl said calmly, as she took a seat and crossed her legs under a shortish blue skirt: “If you were my student, I would not be giving you good grades for these repetitive responses!”

The girl laughed awkwardly at her own joke, but Bella was stone cold silent. Then the girl continued:

“I have come to your ‘office hours’ for some supervision. You may remember that last night you received some, shall we say, supervision of your own…”

Bella blushed at the thought of the sofa, the cushion, the hand…

The girl stood and tucked her white blouse neatly into that blue skirt, showing the full alluring contours of her bust.

“Bella, do you have a lock on your door?”

Bella felt her throat getting a little dry.

“I do, but…”

“Well could you lock it for me?”

Bella froze, and then the girl continued with a firmer note in her voice, pausing between key words as if talking to someone younger or at any rate more foolish than herself.

“Bella, I would like you… to lock… the… door for me!”

But Bella was still frozen in fear, so the girl continued:

“You don’t your boss coming in, do you?... So….?” The girl was arching one eyebrow now and glancing a little imperiously at the door.

Bella got up, hear in mouth, and locked the door.

Bella watched in rapt attention as the girl took that long purple pin from her immaculate hair-bun, and let her long brown locks bounce around her shoulders. Then in a husky, honeyed voice, the girl half-whispered:

“Go and stand by the window, facing the trees!”

Bella blushed and nodded. She was happy that she had worn her shiny red heels that day, as well as a figure-hugging red skirt that was a little shorter than usual, topped off with a well-ironed white blouse.

“Now put your hands on the window-cill”, the girl continued. “I do not want you to take them off until I say so! Understood?”

Bella nodded again. She could feel that her face was profoundly flushed now and was glad that the girl could not see it. Then Bella heard the sound of the girl’s heels - louder and louder, click, click, click - until they came to a halt right behind her.

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Published October 12, 2012 by Amaldio Books. 9 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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