:A Proleptic Journey to Kingdom Economics & Kingdom Leadership

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PROMISES OF OUR CIRCLES:A Proleptic Journey to Kingdom Economics 1. Promises of our Circles will show the "DNA" of the Bride of Christ:* You'll learn the various meaning of circle: a man lifetime or generation, posterities within a generation, inheritance passed on within a generation, encompass or compass every side, bind or knit, a circuit, observe feasts or festivities and celebrations, to crown, royalty, protection, no beginning and ending, Alpha and Omega, Author and Finisher, Infinite and Eternal.* Learn the symbolism and spiritual qualities of the 12 foundations; access the spiritual treasure of the precious stones and jewels in the democracy or kingdom of God. 2. Promises of our Circles will show the structure needed to sustain kingdom leadership and the strategies needed to support kingdom economics:* You'll learn the 3 levels of predestination: kotp-(kingdom of the priest), kotkh-(kingdom of the kings and heirs), kotg-(kingdom of the gentiles); structured unity, unified leadership as kings & priests* You'll learn how "the Fullness of The Christ" is paramount to establishing freedom and liberty, spiritual victory reflected in material and spiritual dominion over the resistance to Truth 3. You will learn how to manifest divine intensity within the Body of Christ as it relates to time:* Learn how to accelerate your spiritual knowledge base Plus manifest and accelerate Adonai promises through a small percentage and how to translate harvest cycles of old into business cycles that produces perpetual business activity and restored covenant promises

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It is with deep, sincere humility and gratitude that my lord and his sweet holy spirit chose me to present to the reading audience this serendipitous work. The hidden treasures of Wisdom I’ve discovered within the Word of God have graciously been bestowed upon me, which I’ve hid in my heart to present in these pages specifically the biblical and spiritual aspects of kingdom leadership and kingdom economics. Then I further give a comprehensive introduction and analogy of Satan’s world debt system; in order to conclusively distinguish between the fake debt system of the world and the parallel properties of God’s system of kingdom economics. My hope and prayer is that this book and the format presented will remove all preconceived teaching of the learned and enlightenment to the unlearned. If you’ve swift to listen to the written and living Word of God through this book, it will open up the mysteries of kingdom economics to you and provide completeness that will quicken your heart, mind, soul with solutions to the missing links of our lives. You will experience the living Word and it will manifest and reveal to you God’s invisible thoughts the same way it has continually done for me in this period of my life. Again, it is with deep sincere gratitude that my Lord God-Adonai has deepened my relationship through my obsession with scriptures, namely, the written word of God.  During this period of 5 years other levels of preparations occurred that led to physical restraints, emotional lamentations, psychological renewal and a mental reconfigurations of my thought processes which I describe as holy trauma.  All these conditions mentioned were startling experiences that happened simultaneously as my natural outlook on life was ruptured and old thinking patterns started an eroding separation from the worldly culture of complexities and fragmentation and sin; resulting in great compassion for the human suffering in the world, in addition to the profound disorientation from a way of life I ignorantly assumed had value but instead seemed to offer nothing but hardship and pain. This new awareness made relating to that old life and world difficult and increasingly boring.  However, it also made my new mental outlook quite challenging, isolating and intriguing.   This continuous process of contextualizing the word of God into larger expressions of meaning specifically defined, within the compressed context of kingdom leadership and kingdom economics. I actually repudiated my transformational experiences of kingdom thinking because it continued to force me to think outside of the boxes and my comfort zones.  During these volatile times the context of kingdom thinking was still obscure and abstract as I continued the pain taking effort of trying to understand how Adonai wanted to manifest his covenant promises and blessing for His true leaders.   It wasn’t until a mental shift occurred from looking at the kingdom from a traditional religious teaching that the written word became the spoken word of God.  The breakthrough was like early morning dew upon the fresh new buds of a vast landscape, the landscape of the mental consciousness of my mind.  Kingdom listening is by far the most important attributes one can develop in understanding and listening to the still soft voice of the Holy Spirit.  This form of solitude and isolation created in me a mental atmosphere of divine listening that simplified the letter of the word of God.  As a result, the spirit that’s inherent to the letter or text started pouring out its wisdom to me by means of continuous visualization and revelation that led to an accelerated rate of receptivity.  As my apprehension and awareness grew, the revelation of the wisdom and mysteries of God erupted upon my fresh, renewed mentality with such divine intensity that a zeal and endearing passion forced me to engage at the table of grace.  This feeding by the Holy Spirit resembles a baby boy in a feeding chair for his first time.  He doesn’t know what to expect except that he’s extremely hungry and his mother puts the prepared food of apple sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy and butter, tender baby peas and mashed carrots, plus some cookie and cream ice cream with Jell-O, vanilla pudding along with a jelly sandwich, oat meal, and a bottle of milk and orange juice to wash it all down. Kingdom thinking will enlarge your hearts and renew the capacities of your minds as it has my mind. Kingdom thinking will empower you to practice the mind of Christ in comprehensively understanding the content of the scriptures in reference to the Kingdom economics. The simplicity of the living word in your life will create such a thirst within your souls that as a king or Queen you will learn how to allocate kingdom resources and manifests the promises of the kingdom on earth. This is the wisdom of heaven. The treasures of unseen dimension of wealth laid up for you. No accomplishment of my past could not have prepared me except the day I received the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. However, there must come a moment in ones salvation where Adonai (Lord as a ruler in the earth, Adonai Jehovah as Lord God the headship and overlord, as owner and proprietor) will touch the lives of millions who hunger for the accurate knowledge of His will and purpose of Gods plan in preparing a people that is prepared to overcome this world system through the application of Kingdom economics that is manifested practically through kingdom leadership and their kingdom structure. To make known, show forth and shower his promises and blessings on the true leaders of the kingdom. Kingdom leaders who can bless the body of Christ and bringing forth a continuous harvest of leaders will impact the body Christ through the principles of kingdom economics. For this reason; so that, the honor and the glory of Christ and the living word of God may be manifested and magnified in the world through kingdom leaders.
Published April 18, 2007 by AuthorHouse. 148 pages
Genres: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Self Help, Religion & Spirituality. Non-fiction

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