Paid in Virginity by Andi Binks

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Justyn and Molly are two virginal lovers, adoring one another from afar as they live and work together on Monneghan Farm. When the farm's fertile fields suddenly cease to bear fruit, Justyn knows he must go to see the mysterious and supernatural Moorland Woman and beg for her help. She says she can help him, but he will have to give her something so that she may work the fertility magic upon the land. He must give her his seed.

But sex with a goddess is a dangerous thing for a mortal...

When Justyn suddenly disappears, Molly knows it is up to her to find him and bring him back. Her way is soon blocked by an antlered forest spirit who demands her virginity in exchange for information about Justyn's whereabouts.

Will Molly give in to the forest spirit's demands? If she finds Justyn, will she be able to restore him to sanity?

Warning: This 18,900 word novelette contains multiple explicit sex scenes including but not limited to: a curvy BBW sex goddess, a well-endowed and antlered forest spirit, deflowering, lactation, voyeurism, and light bondage.


"Oh come now," he said, his tone a little gentler than it had been before though there was still a note of smugness in it. "It doesn't have to be like that. I am not a bad looking fellow, I think you'll agree. I can make it just as entertaining for you as it will be for me."

"I doubt that," she said before she was able to stop herself.

He laughed, but this time his laugh sounded surprised and more genuine. "Maybe not. You are a most interesting little creature. But I can make sure you enjoy it. Here..." He stooped and stared deeply into her eyes. At first she was uncomfortable, but gradually she became aware of a flushing of her skin and a tingling sensation between her legs. She gasped. "You feel that? That was just a little touch, my girl. I take care of this forest. I have to make sure the bucks go into rut and the does receive them. I make sure the rabbits frolick, the hares go mad, and the trees drop their seeds. I have sexual magic and I can help you to want me. I can help you to feel... the need." He touched her on the throat and true to his word the flush and the need grew greater.

She moaned quietly despite herself. "Stop that..." she protested weakly. She herself wasn't convinced that she really wanted the strange and exciting feeling to stop. She'd been aroused in her life, but it had never been like this. This was feral and primal feeling. There was no love behind it, but neither was their complication, fear, or shyness.

He sighed and dropped his hands. Instantly the feeling stopped. "Are you sure? I've asked you to give me something in exchange for my information, but I wouldn't have forced you if you said no. Now I am offering you a gift so that you can enjoy this instead of endure it. I won't force my gift on you, but it has been offered."

She bit her lip. This was an experience she was going to have to live through one way or another. Was it really so awful if she allowed herself to take advantage of his magic and enjoyed it? "Well... I guess... maybe you should keep doing it. But not too much!" she said firmly, standing forward and stopping just short of waggling her fingers under his nose. "I don't want any long term effects and I don't want to become some mindless creature under your influence."

He smiled and chucked her under the chin again, looking into her eyes until some of the longing and need began to return. Her cheeks flushed red and her lips became swollen. She wasn't cold, anymore. A delicious warmth was spreading over her with her arousal. "My magic is powerful, but I am beginning to suspect that it will never be powerful enough to render you a mindless creature. I am glad you decided to take my gift. I won't give you any more than this unless you ask for it. Besides, I don't really need magic to help you to want me. I can do that in more... conventional ways."

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Published August 22, 2012 46 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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