Pegged by the Pirate by Myla Blue

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Sexy pirate captain Mistress Rose has just taken command of her first ship. Her crew are plotting to mutiny, but she soon finds a way to assert her dominance. A very public punishment session for the miscreants with her trusty strap-on soon has the main ringleaders not only promising to obey her but begging for more.

Advisory: This 5,500 word story features an insanely hot femdom pirate captain with a primitive wooden strap-on, two unlikely male submissives, anal penetration and public sex


We were a motley bunch, fighters all, and it was a brave woman who would stand in front of forty of us and instruct us as our captain. I watched her shimmy up the ladder in those tight breeches, standing back so I could appreciate the curves of the woman's ass. Fine it was, like a peach or some other of those sweet fruits we gorged on in hotter climes.

She caught me looking and grinned down at me, not a trace of embarrassment on her pretty face. The woman was a minx, that was for sure, and had she not been pirate royalty I would have had her down under me on a straw mattress faster than I could draw my cutlass.

She climbed a few rungs up the rigging to address the jostling crew and I have rarely seen a finer sight than the Ruby Mine under full sail and this luscious wench in her half-open shirt and leather breeches hanging from the rigging, cutlass drawn like she meant business.

"Men, I have set a fair course for English Harbour on the isle of Antigua. There we will rendez-vous with Black Diamond and intercept a shipment of brandy that is as we speak being stowed aboard in the port of Fowey, and which will sail two days behind us. She will be easy prey. I have sent word to the crew of the Diamond and they are happy to work with us."

"What if they double-cross us?" This from Bloody Bill, standing there with a sly kind of grin on his face, like he was waiting for her to trip up. I cursed him. There was no need for him to arouse her suspicions this early in the piece.

She fairly flew down from the rigging and landed on two feet in front of him, eyes blazing and cutlass drawn. Bill, stunned, took two steps back. She used the point to poke him in the chest, just enough to draw a tiny trickle of blood that spotted on the white cotton of his shirt.

He took another step backwards and the rest of the crew fell silent, not knowing which way this was going to go. You could have dropped a rusty nail and heard it fall. The only sound was the flapping of the wind in the sheets and the lapping of the waves against the planking.

I dug my nails into my palms, willing Bill not to do anything rash. We had our agreement and if it went badly and he let his hot temper get the better of him, she would end up in the drink, drowned like a kitten, and not only would every pirate in Christendom pursue us to avenge her death, but the Ruby Mine would be forever cursed.

Bill was a handsome cove, all swarthy skin and curly black hair, with the golden earrings some of our kind affected. He was taller than her by a good hand, and I was surprised to see him backing off from her so readily. I don't think it was just him dissembling, neither. He had this weird look in his eyes, kind of fear and lust all mixed together.

As for Mistress Rose, she was determined to stamp her authority on the crew.

"Bill, you will not question my word again." Her voice rapped out and was so full of command that you would not credit it came from a wench.

"You will be punished for this," she continued, and a frisson of excitement ran around the audience. Bill was not popular, and if this provided some kind of opportunity to jeer at him, then all the better.

"And what kind of punishment does the Captain have for me?" He emphasized the word 'Captain' in the most insolent way he could muster, but I could tell it was bravado.

"Strip your clothes off." Her voice was contemptuous.


"Just do it."

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Published November 19, 2012 19 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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