Performing Under Pressure by Eva Martel
(Office Scandals)

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Samantha can't afford to lose her job at Bluewater Consulting. Her intimidating but handsome boss, Nathan, sends her a meeting request and she knows its about her poor performance. When his cute best friend from Public Relations shows up at his office and catches them in a compromising position, how far is she willing to go to keep her job?

Office Scandals brings you stories of the naughty employees of Bluewater Consulting, who just can't seem to keep their hands off of each other in the office.

Warning: contains graphic depictions of sex with multiple partners.
Word count: approx 4000.


“Anything?” he whispered, his face suddenly soft and his eyes burning. She felt a stirring deep inside of her amidst her confusion. Alarm bells rang in her head. A voice in her mind said this is not right. But another voice countered with you need this job! She swallowed, looked into his piercing blue eyes and nodded. He immediately bent down and pushed his mouth against hers, and before she could protest, worked her lips apart and was plunging his tongue in search of hers. Her head jerked back by instinct but his hand reached around the back of her head and firmly grabbed a handful of her hair and held her in place. The other hand reached deftly into the top of her blouse and snaked into her bra to squeeze her breast. She gasped against his mouth, rattled by his forwardness while aches of longing coursed through her. She caught a whiff of his expensive cologne, masculine and sophisticated. Her knees went weak and she grabbed onto his shoulders. Through the smooth fabric of his suit jacket, her fingers felt hard muscles that rippled with power when he moved. His fingers brushed her hardened nipple and a low moan sounded in her throat.
His hand reached down to cup the curve of her ass, then kneaded the soft flesh through her skirt and pulled her closer to him. He groaned against her lips and his tongue explored her more fervently. She felt his hardness press into her belly and it sent a shiver of excitement up her spine.

“Samantha,” he whispered, when he finally pulled away from her.

He pushed her skirt up so that it scrunched up around her waist, exposing the black G-string underneath. Her eyes widened, but she did not protest. There was something about this man that made her obey his every whim. He picked her up around the waist as if she weighed nothing and set her down on the edge of his desk. Then he was standing between her legs, pressing his erection against her growing wetness and kissing the top of her breasts. His hands ran along her exposed thighs, his thumb teasingly brushed her clit through her panties with very stroke. She shuddered in anticipation.
There was a sudden knock on the door, and Samantha froze. A faintly familiar man’s voice called from the other side, “Nathan, you in there?” She desperately tried to push Nathan away and bring her legs together, but he held them open and clasped her hands in his with an iron grip.

His expression was calm as he casually called out, “Come on in, Jamie.”

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Published November 24, 2012 12 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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