Peter And The Changeling by Darren Pillsbury
(Story #3) (Peter And The Monsters)

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The third book in the Young Adult horror series, PETER AND THE MONSTERS!

Peter and his best friend Dill get stuck babysitting Peter’s two-year-old sister for an afternoon, which is about the worst fate imaginable. Beth is a holy terror, the worst toddler in the history of the world.

But as the boys discover when she disappears…

…she’s not nearly as bad as the thing that takes her place.

Here’s what readers are saying about the PETER AND THE MONSTER series!

“I loved the "fresh" take on these stories and how the main characters interact with each other . . . Dill and Peter truly have an AMAZING friendship. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book to come out!! The books are very well written, and descriptive. They just pull you in to the story and have you rooting for good to conquer evil and laughing along the way!” – Terri

“I love that this series isn't just about your typical vampires and werewolves. We've got all kinds of monsters here! It's such a fresh take on the supernatural, told from a totally different perspective.” – KGLawing

Excerpt from Peter And The Changeling:

They both approached the high chair tentatively. Peter’s little sister was sitting calmly, her hands folded, her eyes staring out into space.

Dill frowned. “Dude…does she look a little green to you?”

Beth turned her head sloooowly towards them. Her eyes gradually shifted from their thousand-yard stare and focused on their faces. Then she smiled.

It was terrible.

The smile was far bigger than her face should have been able to hold. In fact, her cheeks reached several inches past her ears. Inside her lips, the teeth were long and yellow and dagger-like, as though they belonged in the mouth of some ancient, horrible creature.

Peter and Dill grabbed each other in fear.

“OH MY GOD, SHE’S THE JOKER!” Dill shrieked.

Beth stood up in her high chair, leaned forward, and ROARED. Not ‘roared’ as in yelled, or shouted, or shrieked or screamed like a normal human being might. No. She ROARED the way a lion would, deep and rumbling and full of bass – an impossible sound coming out of any human body, much less a two-year-old.

Peter and Dill screamed at the same time.

Beth jumped up out of her high chair – literally jumped three feet in the air – and landed BANG! on the food tray with her legs shoulder-width apart. Then she opened her mouth again and her tongue – not the little pink tongue of a toddler, but a horse-sized tongue bigger than what was possible for any human being – rolled out and waggled back and forth over her jagged teeth.

Probably more things happened after that, but Peter didn’t see them because he and Dill were running out of the kitchen, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Behind them they heard the highchair crash to the ground. Then came the sounds of toenails scrabbling and scratching on linoleum, like the world’s largest puppy rushing across the floor.

“What happened to her?!” Peter screamed.

“Butt-ugly happened to her!” Dill yelled back.

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Published December 10, 2011 109 pages
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, Children's Books, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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