Planeshifters by Gunnar C. Garisson
(Critical Mass)

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Book One of the Critical Mass Trilogy began during the middle of the 21st century, when even after a 25 year long war in the Middle East, mankind had reached a pinnacle of growth and technological success and ironically became the harbinger of his own destruction. With a global population of just over 11.5 billion, the sociological condition on Earth had reached a point of critical mass and the growth actually flat-lined; the mortality rate finally equaling the birth rate due to disease, violence, starvation, and every other form of untimely death imaginable.
With the middle class all but extinct, the rich became richer, living, as always, in a world of excess. When the cities expanded outward as far as they could go, they started building upward, in higher and higher city levels, casting the poor to the underground in virtual anarchy; reduced to a state of clan living similar to the dark ages as they survived on the refuse the rest of the world takes for granted.
Brandishing his own form of strength and justice in an effort to live, rather than just survive, while holding tightly to a family borne sense of honor and dignity, Thorsson Krey and his North Clan thrived in the underground of a vast metropolis that used to be Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. The orphans of a larger group of free-thinking radicals, branded "Environmental Terrorists," and known by the government as the AFG, or Alliance For Gaia; the North Clan was, unbeknownst to Krey, being hunted and set up for extermination. As fate would have it, though, not all fires are so easily extinguished.
Fleeing into obscurity to fight another day, Krey manages to slip into a cryostasis program designed exclusively for the very rich to escape this decaying world in favor of a chance at a better life. Thinking he will awaken after 100 years to a new chance at a life worth living, he is instead thrust right past a chain of events that led to the very exodus of the last of mankind from their dying planet, and arises to find that he is not only no longer on Earth, but is now a slave to a new controlling hierarchy: a Fleet of survivors made up of the descendents of the AFG, combined with the elite of Earth who made it off world and now scavenge planet to planet in a desperate search for some kind of future for mankind.
Thor proves himself to be of use in their fight against an indigenous dragon race and is accepted into their ranks, only to discover the darkness buried in their motives. Along with Sky, a kindred warrior from their ranks with whom he discovers he is very much connected, and two of the M'ahk Tehrill themselves, they stage a rebellion following an attempt at complete genocide perpetrated by the Fleet and find themselves outcast and running for their lives in an effort to maintain their own dignity and honor.
They find, along with the few who remain dissident at their side, that you cannot stop the tides of fate, and are themselves now separated from the rest of humanity as they flee to protect Ar'Jvikkah, the offspring of the alien Queen and custodian of all that is left of a collective history passed down by this dignified elder race of travelers who Thor discovers are connected in a very deep and historic way to the human race, as they begin their own exodus, full circle, back toward what they believe will be a healed planet Earth.
Planeshifters continues this exodus, finding Thorsson Krey and the tattered survivors of the Algol supernova fleeing a tachyon shockwave originating from the birth of a new black hole created from the massive cataclysm. Nearing one of the Fleet's botched terraforming planets, Cheops, a hostile rogue planet near the blue giant Alcyone, they stop to assess their situation, only to find that things have been forever altered, and as the mystery of their newborn connectivity with space and time unravels, so does a hostile and relentless force, sent from their own past, seeking to shut them down before they can learn its powerful secrets.

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Published March 24, 2012 by Shapeshifter Books. 426 pages
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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