Princess Miri - Allysin's Sexy Side Story by Cerys du Lys
(Part 3.5) (Monster Sex)

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(A Cerys du Lys monster sex erotica novelette)

After Allysin catches Princess Miri in bed with Thump, the princess's monster servant, she becomes curious. Miri's always been so regal and haughty, but seeing her with Thump, completely unwound and undone in forbidden ecstasy, excites Allysin beyond reason.

What exactly is it like? Is Thump rough, is he strong, is he an absolute, monster in bed?

These questions weigh heavily on Allysin's mind, until she can't stand it anymore and is forced to take matters into her own hands. Will her seduction succeed? Or, reluctant, will she chicken out at the last moment, fearing Miri's wrath if the princess finds out Allysin's taken some liberties with her beloved monster? Can Allysin even handle Thump's rough and wild ways?

The Princess Miri Monster Sex series also contains Princess Miri (Part 1), Princess Miri's Wet Sticky Mess (Part 2), Naughty Notion (Part 3), Indecent Desires (Part 4), Deviant Display (Part 5), and Reluctant Confession (Part 6, the final book), all of which are now available in the Kindle Store!


The troll scrunched up his nose, looking like he wanted to explain, but didn't know how. "Yah," he said slowly. "Book on--" He paused, then tapped his monstrous hand on the wall behind the bed. "Book on there for troll. Read by walk down--" He was at a loss for words again.

"Whoa!" No way, really? Allysin found this exciting for some reason. "You read the books by walking down hallways? That sounds fun. Is it all pictures, or...? What if you run out of hallways?"

Thump grinned. "Yah! Fun. Pictures and troll words and... if no more hallway, build more hallway. Good books."

"Interesting..." She would have to tell Miri about this later. No doubt the princess would find it interesting, too. Or, perhaps she already knew?

Thump nodded, agreeing with everything Allysin said, before going back to reading his book. Having lost his place, he flipped through some of the pages, then let out a satisfied grunt once he found where he'd left off.

And this, Allysin decided, was her chance. She sidled up to Thump, using book reading as a ruse to get close to him. Her head rested on his muscular bicep, her hair flowing down along the rest of his arm like a curtain while she inspected the book. He gave her a cursory glance, then smiled and went back to reading.

"Allysin like?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," she said.

While Thump read, she snaked her hand downwards across her body. First letting it rest at the side of her stomach, then towards her thigh. And then, with the attitude of "do this now or never," she inched her fingers towards Thump's body. They weren't at all of an even height, so what amounted to her thigh was closer to his stomach in her current position, but what did that matter? Under Miri's orders, he wore nothing more than a loincloth during day-to-day activities, so her fingers touched against his bare stomach.

And, oh, what a stomach it was. Allysin could see it whenever she wanted, but touching it was another matter entirely. Thump was no slouch in regards to physical fitness, and his stomach was perhaps his most exquisite part. Allysin could feel every curve of his abdomen, each sculpted section of his abs, as her fingers traced alongside them and further downwards still. Thump glanced towards her, his expression confused, but Allysin just kept on staring at the book as if it was the most fascinating thing.

This kept on until Allysin snuck her fingers below the waist of Thump's loincloth and...

Warning! This titillating ~7,800 word monster sex erotica novelette contains scenes featuring a manual stimulation, rough sex, welcome sexual surprises, sexual exhaustion, forbidden seduction, and a girl reluctant to betray her friend's trust but needing to see what kind of monster Thump really is in bed.

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Published January 19, 2013 25 pages
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