Princess Miri's Indecent Desires by Cerys du Lys
(Part 4) (Monster Sex)

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(A Cerys du Lys monster sex erotica novelette)

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"This... is insanely funny, and cute, and messy and sexy and *DEEP BREATH* SO. MUCH. FUCKING. FUN!!!!" ~Astragaard, Fantasy Fan Site Reader


When Miri catches her friend, Allysin, in bed with the princess's monster servant, Thump, she's furious. What right does Allysin have sleeping with Miri's troll?

Miri soon finds herself enthralled, though. She's had sex with Thump numerous times before, but watching her friend succumb to Thump's rough monster seduction is both arousing and thrilling. Maybe she'll let Allysin borrow him for a little longer?

Miri has business to attend to, anyways. While Thump plays with Allysin, Miri prepares the dungeons. After her father approved her request to empty them(much to everyone's surprise), she has the cells to herself. What's a princess to do with a secluded dungeon and an enthusiastic troll? She'll definitely think of some games to play, preferably where she's reluctant and chained up and submissive to her monster's whims.

Is everything as nice as Miri thinks, though? Unbeknownst to her, while she's wrapped up in the allure of Thump's sexual charm, someone is plotting against her. Except who? And why?

The Princess Miri Monster Sex series also contains Princess Miri (Part 1), Princess Miri's Wet Sticky Mess (Part 2), Naughty Notion (Part 3), Allysin's Sexy Side Story (Part 3.5, a side story), Deviant Display (Part 5), and Reluctant Confession (Part 6, the final book), all of which are now available in the Kindle Store!


Then she finished going to her room, and saw Allysin, and...

"Allysin! My gods, what are you doing?"

This was not supposed to happen! Not at all! Never! Miri looked on, shocked, as Thump and Allysin lay in the bed together, sweaty and sex-addled and obviously having just had sex. A couple times, from the looks of it.

"Whoa!" Allysin glanced towards the door, which Miri promptly shut so she could yell at her friend without anyone seeing. "I didn't expect you back so soon."

Miri frowned deeply and marched up to the bed. "You didn't expect me back so soon? So you were going to keep this a secret from me, were you?"

"Well, that was the plan," Allysin said. "I mean, I knew you'd be angry, so..."

"Of course I'm angry! He's my troll! You can't just go touching him without my permission!"

"He touched me, too!" Allysin protested.

Miri stared at Thump, who was looking curiously timid all of a sudden. "Thump!" she shrieked. "Did you touch her?"

"Yah," he said, nodding his head up and down twice.

Miri regretted teaching him how to speak. Or, she didn't really regret it, but she didn't like him speaking right now. If he'd just stayed silent she could've pretended none of this happened, or something. Maybe they'd gotten in a food fight? While unclothed, on a bed. That made perfect sense.

"Look, Thump. You can't go touching Allysin. You don't know where she's been. She could be dirty, you know?"

"Nope," Thump said. "Clean." To show exactly what he meant, he reached his massive hand over and placed it on Allysin's crotch.


Miri watched, entranced, curious. She'd never seen someone else have sex before, but she found she somewhat enjoyed it. The look on Allysin's face was delicious, like some pained ecstasy. And, really, that's what she deserved, Miri thought. If she wanted to screw around with a Princess's belongings, she better be willing to accept the punishment.

Warning! This titillating ~8,000 word monster sex erotica novelette contains scenes featuring voyeurism and exhibitionism, mutual masturbation, rough sex in a prison cell, and a princess's reluctant submissive fantasy role playing with her troll servant.

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Published May 31, 2013 by Cerys du Lys ~ Medieval Fantasy New Adult Spice. 37 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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