Puppy Slaves by Emma Valentine
(A Pet Play Anthology)

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Puppy boys. Throughout this anthology, young men are reduced to the status of adorable animals, kept and trained for their owners’ delight.

Katherine has decided she wants a pet. More specifically, she wants to find a man and turn him into her private plaything. He will crawl. He will fetch. He will follow any command. And if he refuses, she will punish him. After meeting Mark, Katherine becomes convinced that she has found the perfect male to satisfy her desires.

With each meeting, she takes a little more. She teaches him to comply without a second thought. Whether he is answering to his new name, chasing a ball, or licking at her feet with the hope of receiving a reward, Mark will learn how to submit himself totally. When they begin, he might be an independent man with his own thoughts about how a woman should behave. When Katherine is done with him, he will be a completely new man.

In fact, it won’t be long before he thinks of himself as her property.

The next story is Training Her Puppy. Justin is arrogant and cocky until Kat teaches him what it means to be a well behaved pet. Equipped with both wealth and beauty, Kat has decided to get herself a pet.

While searching for a summer job, Justin finds an online ad for a dog walker. Justin meets Kat at her home for the interview, only he has no idea that she intends to train him to be her new doggie.

Like any good hostess, she offers him a drink. And like any good potential employee, he gladly accepts and drinks it all. The last thing Justin remembers is Kat pulling out a collar, wrapping it around his neck, and locking it in place.

When Justin wakes up, he is collared and naked, locked in a cage until his new owner comes back to start his lessons. He tries to defy her, but she rewards bad behavior with a sharp shock from his bark collar. Soon he’s forced to crawl at her feet, play fetch, and endure the humiliations that come with being Kat’s puppy.

The final novella in this collection is A Collar for Brad. Lindsay is rich and bored, so she sets a new challenge for herself. She wants to become a puppy trainer. But rather than deal with actual canines, she wants to train a man and teach him how to be her good boy.

Brad is a recent college grad with a ton of debt and no job prospects. Frustrated, he goes to his friend, Jessie. Her family is rich, so he’s hoping she might have a lead for him. Incidentally, Jessie’s sister, Lindsay, has been looking to hire someone.

Nervous but determined, Brad meets Lindsay for the job interview. After a few quick questions, she decides he’ll be perfect. She comes onto him, disorienting the poor boy. Shocked at her behavior, he nonetheless gives in until Lindsay pulls away and offers him the job along with a contract. Flustered, Brad signs it without reading it, inadvertently giving himself over to her. To begin his training, Lindsay slips him a sedative.

When Brad wakes up, he finds that he has been transported to the estate of Madame Caroline, a woman whose singular tastes and ambitions have led to the creation of a place where women and men are trained to be adorably obedient pets. Lindsay wants to become one of Madame Caroline’s trainers. But before Lindsay can obtain this new rank, she must first convince Madame Caroline that she has what it takes.

Determined to prove herself, Lindsay works hard to train her new puppy. She muzzles him until he learns to bark like a good doggie. She keeps him leashed and binds his arms and legs in special sleeves so that he has no choice but to move around on all fours. She feeds him special dog food, forces him to drink from bowls, and gives him special treats when he’s good.

Little by little, Brad will embrace the life of a puppy.

Publisher's Note: This 68,000 word book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. BDSM themes include: puppy play, humiliation, spanking, orgasm denial, and other forms of punishment.

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Published September 22, 2012 by Pink Leash Publishing. 183 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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