Ranch Hand by Francis Ashe
Oiled & Tied (gay cowboy bondage sex) ( Trilogy)

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Dave was lost in the pleasure of Vance’s skilled massage. When Vance tugged at the waistband of his jeans, he lifted his hips just enough to allow the bigger man’s hands to slip underneath him, unbutton his pants, and slip them down just below his ass. He gasped slightly when he felt another stream of oil pool on him, this time collecting between his cheeks and pooling on his lower back. “Uuunnnnggg,” Dave moaned softly as Vance put some of his weight onto the big muscles at the base of Dave’s spine. Dave added this to the list of amazing things about his cowboy lover.
As Vance massaged the tightness out of Dave’s ass, he became aware that Dave was shifting his weight back and forth quite a bit. Curious, Vance reached under his lover again, this time finding that he had grown a huge erection in the past few moments. Vance stroked up the shaft of Dave’s prick once, then twice, before oiling up his sack and squeezing his balls gently between his legs. He withdrew his hand from Dave by tracing it up his crack and making sure to leave ample slickness in his path up Dave’s backside. The oil between Dave’s cheeks gave Vance an idea. He tugged Dave’s jeans down to his ankles and straddled the top of his legs.
“Oh!” Dave gasped as Vance pressed the length of his erection down between his legs. The friction of Vance’s shaft in his crevasse was wonderful. Dave closed his eyes and savored the combination of long, slow strokes and the relaxing pressure of Vance’s knuckles digging into his hips.
“Mmm.. Vance?” Dave whispered, “I think my chest is really tight... could you work on that a little bit?”
“Of course I can.” Vance whispered, close to Dave’s ear. He withdrew from his lover only after planting a hot, wet kiss behind Dave’s ear, which always made him shiver a little bit.
As Vance stood, Dave rolled over slowly. As he got onto his back, the full view of him brought a smile to Vance’s full lips. The muscularity of his bare chest and the aching stiffness of his member both called out for Vance’s attention in equal measure. Although there was plenty of oil already on his hands, Vance upended the bottle just under his lover’s chin. Pushing the golden liquid down Dave’s torso caused his own erection to harden. He adjusted his position so that the two shafts were pressed against each other. Dave tensed his ass and relaxed. The slight rise this gave to his position worked to rub his member against Vance’s. While Vance massaged the tightness of his chest with skilled hands, Dave massaged the tight skin of Vance’s delicious cock against his own, moaning gently from the heat they generated.
Vance worked his way down Dave’s beautifully tanned body, not wanted to ease the pressure between his legs, but knowing that he had to, or he’d get much too excited to drag this out the way he wanted to. The muscles of Dave’s stomach quivered as Vance pressed his fingertips into them and Dave’s prick twitched as the skin at its base tightened. He knew he was driving his lover insane with all the teasing, but that’s just what he aimed for.
“Vance, suck me, suck me, please!” Dave cried out softly, wanting the bigger man to take him into his mouth as he had done so many times before. The pleasure was just too sweet – he already felt the cum rising in his balls. As a droplet formed and dribbled down the slit in Dave’s purple head, Vance flicked his tongue across it to taste his lover, but only once. Dave arched his back to meet Vance’s lips, but he retreated and stood up.
“Dave, get up. There’s something I’ve wanted to do this whole time – something I haven’t done in forever, come over here.” Vance insisted. As Dave rose and crossed the floor of the loft, he wondered what was in store for him, but he was so far gone in his lust that it barely mattered. When he saw the leather strap in one of Vance’s hands and the lasso in the other, he knew what he was in for, and smiled at his kinky cowboy lover.

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Published January 28, 2012 by Francis Ashe. 12 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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