Revelation of the Two Witnesses by Daniel F. Owsley
Order of the Eagle

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"In the Revelation of the Two Witnesses a superb Bible based battle is described between the Antichrist, the False prophet, and Moses and Elijah. In the old west such meetings of over the top guts and brass were always invitations for participants to experience their very last breaths, along with a pretty keen welcome from the local undertaker; Audacity thrived! 2 But neither the Antichrist, Moses, or Elijah held the dread that they’d be sitting with any funeral director; For all of them walked in unnatural resurrected flesh that was supernaturally born from the essence of utter impossibilities. 3 And the only difference between our Lord's witnesses and Satan's son was that this evil one was in a cursed everlasting body, while the ones of Moses and Elijah were blessed after being glorified by the power of Christ's very best wishes.4 Only Velgor the false prophet stood alone in normal flesh; But even he didn’t flinch at death since he only feared living in a helpless world he couldn’t dominate. 5 It was a sure thing though, that somebody was sure to pass on that day, while entering into a place where they may, or may not have been before. 6 Nevertheless, four heavyweights were about to do some shadow dancing while multitudes of spirit beings readied themselves for Hell’s gong to sound off. 7 But the main players of this new Boot Hill would only be the untrue right and left hands of Satan, along with the two age old servants of His Holiness, our Kingly King of all things seen or unseen, and our Lofty Lord of everything possible or impossible; For with Christ all things were probable! 8 And so it was, that two by two, both good and evil were then staring each other down from a distance; Two by two throats were cleared, spit swallowed, and allegiances silently reconfirmed; Then loyalties were all or nothing. 9 For it was apparent to all eyes on that location, or to those like myself, through the magic of television, that each of those four were undoubtedly zooming in upon the invisible forces that were hyped up near each side.10 Then the Eye’s of Moses, along with Elijah, suddenly shined most brightly with fires of righteous anger, while they flickered with a much greater radiating light that even the brightest flame of Hell ever could have claimed. 11 On the other hand though, the hate filled eyes of Darius and Asanti obnoxiously sparkled like some lit brimstone that was hotter than molten lava. 12 And their corrupted sparks seemed like they were being fuelled by the energy forces of weak minded souls that were ravaged because they were evil.
13 However, their light was extremely dim though, especially when compared to the overflowing brightness that was coming from those approaching prophets. 14 But the inner darkness of that self absorbed trio, that stupidly stood against God's genius, were then ready to try invading those coming lights. 15 Then that was fated to become the most unusual showdown of all showdowns. 16 It would also be one that would be far greater than the one formerly seen at the OK Corral. And it would shortly be commencing live, uninterrupted, upon the highest definition television to ever broadcast such an epic scene. 17 Thusly, it was about to become very clear that the following dumfounding turn of events would swiftly evolve into an extraordinary spectacle that was sure to be an extreme supernatural extravaganza of some pretty paranormal power."

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Published March 12, 2012 by Booktango. 45 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality. Non-fiction

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