Revenge of the Alien Sex Slave by Zachery White

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After years of being a sex slave to Bindan, Desma broke free of the Khünbish-Sansar stronghold that kept her enslaved and in Bindan’s control. In a twist of fate, they meet again ten years later. This time it’s Desma that has something naughty in store for Bindan; something very naughty.


Desma closed the door to her room at the inn as she walked across the creaking floorboards to stand in front of a small table that held the customary bowl and pitcher of water. She eased out of her armor and bindings and let them slide down to the floor as she dipped one of the provided cloths into the bowl and dampened it with some water and rubbed the bar of lavender infused soap across it, working up a rich lather as she slowly began to wash the sand and grit from the folds of her skin. The scented soap was the one luxury that Desma allowed herself in her otherwise ascetic life as a member of the Empress’s Scholaris.
She had landed on the barren wasteland that was the planet Ledinina two days earlier by order of the High Seneschal of the Empress, Costin. According to imperial intelligence, the assassins that she had been tracking across the galaxy were rumored to be coming to this empty rock, for what purpose no one knew, but they had killed many of the Empress’ agents on several planets and worlds throughout her empire, and they would be caught and made to pay for their treachery. Costin had wanted them brought back for questioning alive; to determine which noble or official was behind the despicable acts. The Empress was often the target of various plots, hatched from within her own house and from various factions and other more minor ruling families across the galaxy. The long reign of her rule could be traced back to the efforts and loyalty of one man, her seneschal, Costin. The Empress was not the only one that owed Costin her life, as Desma herself was in his debt.
Desma paused for a moment as loose threads within the cloth caught on the bit of scarred skin that was just below Desma’s navel. It was the mark that all of the Khünbish-Sansar gave their Bolormaa. It signified their ownership. Had it really been just 10 short years since Costin had rescued her and set her free from the Khünbish-Sansar? Yes, she owed Costin a debt, and the Khünbish-Sansar as well, and now she had a chance to repay it as the assassins she was tracking were also reported to be of the Khünbish-Sansar race! She grit her teeth and her hazel eyes glittered with anger and malice as she thought back to the years she had been enslaved to the Khünbish-Sansar.
While the Khünbish-Sansar somewhat resembled the humanoid form of the Empress and many of the ruling class, they were a separate and distinct race. They were easily recognizable from the two slits that were at the bottom of where their necks joined their chests – vestigial remains of some no longer functioning organ that resembled gills. Many wore clothing that covered these remnants of their evolutionary past. In addition to this obvious difference, both males and females of the Khünbish-Sansar were on average larger, with a more defined musculature, than most of the human species. They also contained several extra glands within their bodies which excreted various substances under certain conditions. These glands allowed them greater overall endurance and to go longer without sleep or eating than their smaller and weaker human counterparts. One of the ironies of these “extra glands” was the substance that the male Khünbish-Sansar produced during the sexual act. Not only did it provide more lubrication for entering a female, the substance was known to be readily absorbed and travel through the bloodstream and pass the blood brain barrier where the female would experience not only a complete removal of any inhibition and increased sexual stimulation, each sexual encounter would leave the female craving the sex act more.

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Published June 12, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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