Riding Daddy's Pole by Alastair Anders
(m\f taboo daddy daughter sex, first time female ejaculation)

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After ten years in prison, all Jack wants to do is reunite with his estranged stepdaughter Renee. Imagine his shock when he pulls up to her workplace to surprise her… and discovers that it’s an infamous strip club in the seediest part of town!

Renee acts like a bad girl, but she feels lost and alone in the tough world of the club. After the lights go down, all she ever dreams about is feeling safe and secure… and the handsome outlaw Daddy who can rescue her. Meeting Jack, she realizes she has only one chance to fulfill her deepest desires.


Backstage, Renee wrestled her way to the one mirror in the crowded dressing room so she could apply a thick layer of dark red lipstick and fix her false eyelashes. She knelt on the filthy floor to claim a small corner of the mirror. All the other girls were bigger than her, and meaner, and sexier, and Renee, barely old enough to dance, always felt intimidated when she was around them. She’d been a gangly tomboy all through high school, and suddenly last summer had sprouted curves and discovered what she could make men do with a sideways glance or a shake of her hips. At work, she never felt like she could command money on her own, so she’d developed a strategy of always trying to push the envelope — moving her thong to one side, touching her breasts — and made a lot of enemies among the other dancers. She felt terribly outclassed.

As she adjusted her top and evened out the elastic of her thigh-high tights, the thought again flickered across her mind that Jack might remember her work address and try to surprise her here. What would she do if he walked in while she was on the pole? Admittedly, the thought had fueled some of Renee’s hottest fantasies of late — but if it happened in real life, she had no idea how she’d respond. Would she cover herself and run off the stage? Would she pretend she hadn’t seen him?

Or would she get down on her knees, undo her top, run her hands into her panties, and show him exactly what she’d been thinking of him, all these long dark years?

“Ruby!” the emcee yelled down the hall. “Two minutes!”

Renee brushed off her knees and hurried backstage. She peeked out from behind the velvet curtain, scanning the audience. The club was dark, but still, none of the guys in the front row looked like Jack. Relieved, Renee dropped the curtain and waited for her entrance.

Jack watched the girls who must be Renee’s co-workers stride through their routines, one hand with a cigarette plugged into his mouth, hiding his expression. The deejay took the microphone and announced “And now to the stage — RUBY!”

The crowd started cheering. An old burlesque number started playing. A silver-gloved arm reached out from behind the velvet curtain and began stroking it like a cat. One long, shapely leg in shimmery white thigh-highs emerged, along with a hint of pink tutu fluff.

You should leave, Jack told himself. What if that’s Renee behind the curtain? You’d have a hell of a time explaining yourself to her later.

The curtain swept back, revealing a beautiful, curvy, perfectly fleshy girl in a pink tutu and black lingerie. She smiled and blew a kiss to the crowd, leaning low to show off her firm round breasts and perfect natural cleavage.

Jack started. It was Renee. He knew it. She had the same puff of dark ringlets around her face, the same baby-fat cheeks.

Again, he knew he should leave. But what if one of these jerks gets fresh with her? he thought, scanning the crowd suspiciously. I better stick around and make sure she’s safe.

Renee began to shimmy around the pole, switching her hips to the beat. She was wearing a black mesh thong underneath the tutu, and each roll of her tight, round ass showed a flash of bare peachy buttocks. She grasped the pole and pressed it between her full breasts, swept her head back, closed her eyes, and parted her dark red lips.

About Alastair Anders

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A former Catholic schoolgirl, Alastair Anders has been writing erotica ever since he was in plaid skirts and knee socks. Alastair lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, and he is working on an erotic graphic novel.Visit him online at www.AlastairAnders.com.
Published January 24, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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