Room Service Rendezvous by Giselle London

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"They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But I like my revenge sizzling hot."

When Kerri sets out to seduce her fiance's best friend as revenge for a betrayal, she has no idea how enjoyable it will be. As Matthew takes her to the brink of ravening desire, she experiences a kind of sexual satisfaction that she never thought possible. But has her plan for revenge ruined her one shot at real happiness?

WARNING: This short story contains explicit sex scenes, revenge, and a hint of romance.

Word Count: 5,618 words (actual story count, not including the bonus excerpt after the story)


"Remember when the three of us went out on the boat together?" Blood rushed to my cheeks as I remembered that day.

We had stopped the boat in the middle of the lake to jump into the water for a quick swim. We climbed back into the boat, and I turned to grab a towel, bumping into Matthew. The hot sun glistened on his tanned muscular chest, his broad shoulders and narrow waist. His swimsuit barely clung to his hips, and his dark blond hair was wet and pasted down, rivulets dripping from it and tracing a path down his body. He stared at me with a ferocious intensity in his blue eyes. Embarrassed, I had looked away, but not before I caught a glance of the ridge signaling his arousal through his swim trunks.

Inhaling sharply, I pushed away the erotic memory.

His eyes drifted back down to my chest. "Uh...yeah. I remember." His voice was husky, and I suspected the image of me in the black micro bikini I'd worn that day was indelibly etched in his memory.

"I think he was jealous of you that day. He was worried that he'd lose me to you."

"Come on, he and I have been best friends forever--he should know I'd never do something like that." He crossed his arms, the sleeves pulled taut over his brawny biceps. "Why would he think I'd go after you?"

"Because of this." I loosened the tie and let the robe slip from my shoulders, revealing the same black micro bikini I'd worn that day. The small triangles of fabric barely covered half of my breasts, and the air conditioned temperature of the room peaked my nipples through the thin fabric. "And that." I nodded down at his tented black trousers.

"Kerri..." his eyes were riveted to the ripe swell of my breasts.

"I saw you looking at me that day. I think Brandon noticed too. That's why he was such a jackass for the rest of the day, and picked a fight with me that night. And that's probably why he picked a fight with you a week later. He was worried he'd lose me to you."

"That's ridiculous. Okay, maybe I did...notice you. But I would never have made a move on my best friend's girl."

"I know. Neither one of us would have done that. But he's always been jealous of you. You got the best grades, earned the most money, had the hottest girls..."

"That's not true!" he snapped. Then his voice softened. "He had you."

"Oh please, I saw all those skinny-waif blondes you dated."

"I never walked into a room with a girl who could hold her own next to you. Every man's eye was always on you." He took a step closer, his eyes drinking me in, his hand twitching at his side as if it had a mind of its own. "And it wasn't just your body, either. It was your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your hair..."

He took another step, standing just inches away, then reached up and pulled out the clip that kept my hair piled on top of my head. A brunette cascade of loose curls tumbled around my face and down my back. He smelled fresh and clean, with a hint of spice, and I inhaled his scent, reveling in the maleness of it.

Tossing the clip aside, his hands delved into my hair, massaging my scalp, stroking the loose strands as he stared down into my eyes. His face was inches from mine, and the tips of my breasts grazed his chest. His lips touched mine, gentle at first, then more insistent.

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Published May 29, 2012 by Carnal Bliss Press. 27 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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