Seducing a Merman by Charlotte Mistry
(Fantasy Erotica)

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When Mingxia finds a merman washed up on the riverbank after a storm, all she can do is take him home. When she doesn't ask for a reward, he decides to reward her anyway- with a wet and wild time! Will she sleep with the fishes or throw her catch back?

Warning: this 4800 word erotic short story contains oral sex, a merman, sex in the bath and a whole lot of erotic fun!

This story can also be purchased as part of "Genies and Mermen and Pixies, oh my! (Fantasy Erotica Bundle)".

An excerpt for adults only:

Instead, she bit her lip hungrily and came to a decision. She stood, shucked off her clothes as silently as she could, and slipped into the water beside him. It was warm on her skin, like a caress, and she could feel the roll of the few scattered pearls beneath her feet.

Jiang didn’t notice her. He was too wrapped up in himself, too caught up in his own throaty sounds of pleasure, and he startled when her hand touched his skin. Mingxia smiled at him, her hair fanning out in the water like tendrils of ink. It was a filthy smile, she knew- she never had been able to keep what she was thinking off her face.

“Mingxia,” Jiang slurred through pleasure and sharp teeth, “you-?”

Her smile got wider. “You looked like you were having trouble. I thought I’d… Lend a hand.” Her fingertips ran down his side, over his quivering gill slits and down to his cock. It had that same slick-smooth texture as the rest of him, not quite human. He groaned and reached out for her. Jiang’s hands slid in her hair, on her skin, against her breasts and nipples as he explored her own alienness.
He seemed fascinated by the thatch of black hair above her pussy. He carded his sharp nails through it and Mingxia flinched. “Ouch.”

Jiang stilled. “Did I hurt you?”

Mingxia could see a thin ribbon of blood curling away into nothing in the water. The pain was already fading, but Jiang looked down at her with concern. He shifted in the tub and suddenly it was like being in the tub with a sea monster; his long tail writhed into a new position, pure muscle, and it carried her with it until she was straddling its long curve.

“I’m fine,” said Mingxia, “I’m fine. Just be careful of your nails.” She was expecting the scales on his tail to be hard, but they were soft and slick just like his skin. That long golden muscle twitched, rubbing against her clit, and Mingxia shuddered in pleasure.

Jiang lowered her back into the water. “You’re sure?”

“I’m fine,” Mingxia slid forward along his tail until the base of his cock was butting up against the front of her pussy. “Do you want me to show you just how fine I am?”

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Published January 20, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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