Seducing the Stewardess by Danielle Delaney
(Airplane Sex in Public Erotica)

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On Natascha's first day as a stewardess on an international flight, the devilishly handsome Captain Michael Wilson promises to take care of her personally and to show her the ropes. Even though Melanie, the other stewardess warned Natascha about their Captain her mind was made up. Would she replace her tray table and return her seat to the upright position or would Captain Wilson show her the emergency exit?

This sexy 4500 word story contains loving at 35,000 feet, semi public sex, seduction, an irresistible alpha male, fondling, masturbation, licking, hair pulling, fingering, sex in cramped spaces and incredibly powerful orgasms.

-- Excerpt below for 18+ --
Time passes fast enough, there’s always enough to do right up to when the dinner service is cleared away. Then airlines traditionally turn down all the lights encouraging their passengers to fall asleep, giving everyone a break.

Eventually it was time for Natascha to take her break. With relief she made her way to the small hallway which contained the rooms for the crew that Melanie had shown her.

She opened the door and backed her way into it. Closing the door she sighed at the wonderful darkness and peace that drew itself over her.
Without turning on the small light Natascha slid off her jacket and hung it on the hook behind the door.

Next, off came her shoes and the relief to her feet was instant. She felt in ecstasy right there and then.

Her shirt followed. Natascha unbuttoned it and felt her skin grow goose bumps as the air was free to wash over her body. She hung the shirt carefully on the second hook behind the door.

“Well hello there!” said a familiar voice in the dark.

With a surprised gasp Natascha spun around.

“The light’s still off but that’s ok with Me.” said the voice.

She fumbled for the switch, flicked it on and saw….

“Captain Michael Wilson, at your service!” said Michael.

“Captain, Michael...Captain…” Natascha struggled for the correct greeting as she dealt with the surprise.

Michael had obviously come to this room some time before as he lay there in the bed propped up on one elbow. The bed sheet had fallen down to his waist revealing muscular arms and a well defined chest.

“Very nice.” said the Michael and at first Natascha thought that he had read her own thoughts as even though her heart was racing with the shock of someone else being in the room, she still paused and took time to observe the fine specimen of man lying in front of her.

“Oh my goodness!” she said as she realized she had forgotten she was standing there in just her bra.

As her hands moved to cover herself Michael said: “Listen, don’t cover up on my behalf, we should take the time to enjoy the view.”

“I’m sorry; I’ll go into the other room.”

“No need, sit down here on the bed next to your Captain.”

There was something about the commanding way he said Captain. It felt like an order but at the same time an invitation.

Either way it was irresistible and Natascha found herself sitting slightly on the edge of the bed.

“There, isn’t that better?” Michael said.

“I guess so.” Natascha hesitatingly answered.

“I was hoping you would come into this room tonight.” continued Michael. “I left the door unlocked just in case.”

“But Michael I didn’t know you were in here, I promise.”

“Shh. It doesn’t matter how you got here, it’s just great that you are here.” His hand moved up and stroked Natascha on the shoulder.
His touch was like a jolt of electricity through her; dangerous and exciting all at once. What is going on here? Natascha thought.

“You are a beautiful, sexy woman Natascha.” continued Michael. “I thought so from the moment I saw you today, and I think you feel there is something here as well.”

“Oh God. Michael it’s not that…”

“Sydney is a long way away. Everything is under control, why shouldn’t we have some fun?”

Natascha felt Michael’s finger slide under her bra strap and pull it gently off her shoulder.

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Published January 15, 2013 19 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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