Sex Games by Paris Rivera
The Olympic events you won't see on television

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“This rocks! This book is so good - I would totally recommend this book!”
“deliciously sexy… well written and on the right side of erotic.”
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If you like teasing lesbian stories, tantalising lesbian fiction and arousing lesbian erotica, this naughty tale of sexual athletes at the Olympics will take you where you want to go...
We’ve all seen and admired the toned bodies of Olympic athletes. But what exactly goes on when the games have been played and the races run? This book takes you behind the scenes to meet Carmella, the pretty young Uruguayan field hockey player recently split from her boyfriend and her famous, classically beautiful room-mate, Milana. Will their joint stretches spill over into something more? And will Cynthia, the beautiful blonde English volunteer, somehow come between them? Why has coach Gloria Hernandez decided to chaperone Carmella, and will the coach herself succeed in keeping things professional? Last but not least, what exactly are the coach and Carmella planning for Sameera Patel, the beautiful Indian hockey star who stands in the way of Uruguay’s progression to the next round?

Scintillating and titillating, this is a story of girl meets girl meets girl against the backdrop of the London Olympics. It will get you hot under the collar and plenty of other places too! A classic case of DRIP – Don’t Read in Public!


Throw together a bunch of young, fit and healthy sportspeople with great bodies from all over the world, and what have you got? A potential sexathon is what you’ve got! Now if you could bottle these hormones and sell them, you’ve solved just about every sexual dysfunction you could ever imagine. Add to the mix the fact that many of these athletes have been under hawk-like surveillance and supervision during their months of intense training, and the sense of liberation in the London’s Olympic village was both understandable and palpable...

Admittedly some of the competitors were saving themselves entirely for their chosen sport. But others seemed happy to have a go at multiple events, day or night. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was a major practical obstacle that stood in the way of a two-week megabonkathon. Most of the competitors had to share a room – a massive potential cramp on a person’s sexual style.

Now there were two main ways round this restriction, as it happens. One as to send your room-mate away (of, if you ‘got lucky’, to send them a signal such as the infamous ‘sock on the doorknob’). The other way round the restriction was your roomie: you had to turn your jailor into your playmate.

Well, we’ll get back to this one in due course, but let’s just say for now that such shenanigans were hardly on the agenda for Carmella Blanca. Aged just twenty and coming from a rather cosseted and comfortable upbringing in a middle class suburb of Montevideo, Carmella was a rising star in Uruguayan field hockey. On the brink of some limited degree of fame now, she planned to focus exclusively on her fitness and her field hockey game, which meant a relentless routine of training, eating sensibly and sleeping as much as possible.

Adding to Carmella’s sense of purpose was the fact that her coach had told her that, with a good performance match her pretty face and trim figure, she had a good chance of some lucrative sponsorships. Already, a small make-up company was featuring Carmella’s rather enchanting dark eyes on its billboards. Carmella had lived a fairly conservative life back home, and her parents were rooting strongly for her. She talked with them on the phone as often as she could.

One person she had not rung was Juan, her handsome boyfriend of two years standing. They had decided to take take a ‘break’ after Juan had broken the hurtful news that he planned to study abroad and ‘keep his romantic options open’...


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Published September 29, 2012 by Amaldio Books. 75 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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