Sex Shift Operation by Pen Penguin
(transgender doctor newhalf erotica)

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Rachel has an odd desire: To grow a penis! Thanks to modern surgery, that's easily done with one hospital visit. But the doctors can't let her go home until they're sure her new body parts are working right. And they're going to do their job, whether she agrees or not! 4504 words with transgender, gyno chair bondage, sensation play on trapped cock and balls. Adults only! All characters over 18.


The man who had given me the hand job came up again. He picked up a feather from the tray, then ran it under my balls, causing me to jerk and cry a little from the ticklish sensation. He started sawing it back and forth across them, teasing with quick, tantalizing strokes. Every time, I would flinch a little, and the doctors would jot some more notes down. I had no idea it was so sensitive there. It tickled, but it also felt really pleasant. My dick, which had shrunk back to its flaccid state, was twitching itself to erection again, despite how I felt about my current situation. Seeing this, the doctor took another feather, then started running it along the length of my shaft, teasing it to a raised position. That wasn't as sensitive, but it still tickled delightfully, especially when he ran it along the underside. I felt my arousal rising again, and had a bad thought. It couldn't be that they were planning on making me come again?

"How is that? What do these feathers feel like?"

"T-They tickle... but it feels good..."

I guess I didn't mind this so much. It certainly did feel really good to have my cock and balls teased so pleasantly. I was surprised it had risen again so quickly. Weren't guys suppose to have some kind of refractory period, where they couldn't get it up for a while after ejaculating? Mine didn't seem to be having this problem.

"Are you interested to know why you're able to become erect again so quickly after orgasm?"

Did she read my mind? Without waiting for me to answer, Dr. Carla continued.

"We've developed a surgical method to remove that limitation in male parts. So now, all of our patients can enjoy consecutive orgasms, without having to worry about over-sensitivity. Of course, we need to test it to make sure it works as expected. So do cooperate with us."
Are they serious? I don't remember reading anything about this. I mean, I'm happy about being able to enjoy multiple orgasms, but what did they mean by 'test it'? Just how long were they going to experiment on me?

He continued to caress my testicles with those feathers of his. They dipped down and stroked persistently against my skin, one on each ball. Using just the tips, he timed it so that one would stroke down as the other stroked up, sending all kinds of teasing signals through the delicate skin. Then they were straddling my shaft, running their soft tendrils all along its length, sometimes dipping and running against the skin of my crotch. It was incredibly erotic. Despite how soft the feathers were, I was getting so aroused again, reflexively grinding my hips out for more.

Dr. Carla nodded to the other two doctors, who dropped their clipboards and picked up feathers as well. They positioned themselves astride of me, then started running their feathers along my inner thighs and crotch, tickling along where they connected with a light, fluffy touch. It... it was too much. With six feathers working their teasing, tantalizing softness all over and around my groin, the pleasurable sensations flooding me tripled in number. Yet it was still so very soft, which just made it all the more unbearable. I couldn't keep myself still at all, twisting and squirming in my seat, well aware of how lewd and perverted I must look. Not really even caring anymore.

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Published July 15, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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