Sharing the Babysitter by Aya Fukunishi
(Babysitter Sex Tales)

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Amy and Simon have been waiting for a private moment together for weeks, and their chance finally comes the night Mrs. Adams heads out to her high school reunion.

When Mrs. Adams returns home and catches them together Amy doesn't know what to think.

Mrs. Adams, however, does...


'OK, honey, there are plenty of DVDs by the TV, and I think you might find a little ice cream in the freezer. Help yourself to a bowl, and have a good time.'

Amy smiled and leaned against the door frame. 'Oh, I will, Mrs. Adams. You have a great time at your reunion!'

Amy pushed the door closed, pausing for a moment to sneak a peak at Mrs. Adams' beautiful black silk dress. Looks like someone's hoping to make a statement, she thought. Mrs. Adams had told Amy many times about her weight problems back in high school, and it was obvious that she planned to show off her size 4 ass to everyone who had made her life hell. Amy couldn't blame her. She's known Mrs. Adams for five years and she'd never see her eat anything heavier than a plain bagel. She'd earned the right to turn a few heads, and she wouldn't have to work too hard for it in that dress.

The house was quiet. Sam had been put to bed before Amy arrived, and he always slept soundly. Of all her babysitting gigs this was by far the easiest, and that's why she'd chosen this one to have a little fun. She wandered to the living room and leafed idly through the DVD collection, ignoring the endless Disney movies loved by Sam, and the terrible romantic comedies Mrs. Adams favored. Seriously, Pam. Colin Firth can't possibly be that charming.

She found what she was looking for hidden at the back of the bookcase by the TV. It was a plain black plastic DVD case, the kind that come with rewritable discs. She'd found it the previous week just a few minutes before Mrs. Adams had returned home from dinner with her friends, and she hadn't had the chance to watch it.

She'd seen the disc, though, and had few doubts about what she could expect. Caged Lust, the title read, with the subtitle Love in a Women's Prison. Amy wasn't really surprised. Mrs. Adams had been left by her husband two years earlier, and since then Amy hadn't known her to go on a single date. She had to be taking care of herself somehow. Lesbian porn, though? Pam doesn't seem the type, but I guess you never know what's going on with people.

Amy slipped the DVD out of its case and into the player, taking care to remember the exact position of the case in the bookshelf. She wanted to check out the filth Pam was watching, but she didn't want to embarrass the poor woman. The screen flickered on, and Amy quickly muted the sound. She never watched porn with the sound on. The dialogue was just too terrible for words, and it broke her concentration. She missed the desperate, breathless panting and the delicious sounds of two bodies sliding in and out of each other, but if it meant she didn't have to hear a bad actress gasp 'Do me, baby!' it was a price worth paying.

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Published March 28, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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