Slave of the Goblin King by Jane Amber
(Monster Sex Erotica) (Chained by Desire)

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All Saera the elf ever wanted to do was leave her tiny village and become a bard. But instead of telling tales, it’s her fate to live one.
Captured by goblins, drug underground, and brought face to face with the evil Goblin King, Saera swears to she will resist.
But the virgin elf’s body and mind are unprepared for the Goblin King’s size, strength, and experience. Forced to endure goblin aphrodisiac, she soons find herself putty in the monster’s enormous hands. Wherever he touches her, wherever he spanks her, Saera is forced to enjoy it.
And when Saera is finally given a choice, her horrified friends watch as she wavers between going back to the life she once knew and becoming the Goblin King’s willing slave!

Hold it! This story contains 6,093 words of explicit sex, spanking, submission, oral sex, and a pretty young elf mating with a mighty goblin and is for adults only!


When she thought about it later, Saera would decide that Rog must have been holding back. After all, his tremendous strength would have been enough to kill her in a single blow if he had so chosen.
But at the time, when the flat of his hand met her ass with a great *smack*, It felt as if her entire world had ended.
She screamed until she could scream no more then took a deep breath and screamed some more. Fire filled her body,setting every nerve alight with pain. And her sensitive ass, primed by Rob’s aphrodisiac, exploded.
She kicked. She slammed her fists into Rog’s meaty ankles. She even tried biting. But Rog only laughed.
When the second blow landed, her entire body jerked with the blow.
By the time the third came, her ass was red. And Saera knew that she was losing her mind. She knew because the pain flooding through her was beginning to feel like pleasure. Her body was confused.
No, she told herself, her body wasn’t confused at all. The slick desire coating her legs. Her taut nipples. The growing ache inside her. Her body knew exactly what it wanted. It was her mind that was confused.
By the fourth blow, she knew that she would tell him anything he wanted.
“When was the last time?” Rog growled.
“Last night,” Saera answered truthfully through her tears.
Another blow.
“Who did you think of?”
“Jace,” Saera wept, shaking as Rog found her ass once again.
“Will you ever think of him again?”
“No,” Saera gasped, thankful that she couldn’t see the look of crushing despair on his face through her blurry eyes. “I’ll think only of you!”
This time she lifted her ass, letting Rog get a better angle on it. When his hand came down, he drove her into his knees.
“Are you going to cum from this, elf girl?” Rog laughed cruelly as he taunted her.
Saera’s response was less than a whisper. “Yes.”
“Louder, slut! Let them all know the truth about you.”
Saera’s entire body was shaking now, balanced on a knife edge of pain and pleasure that threatened to tear her apart. “Yes!” her traitorous lips cried in defeat.

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Published October 26, 2012 18 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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