Spanking the Princess by Leandra J. Piper

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When most princesses are cursed, they're stuck sleeping for hundreds of years, or have wicked witches after them, but not Princess Alexandria. A wicked witch struck her with a powerful and dreadful curse: she can never have an orgasm! So desperate is she for relief that she offers her hand in marriage to anyone who can satisfy her. After failed attempt after failed attempt, a wizard appears with what seems to be a fool-proof plan: a thorough, sexy spanking. Will spanking the Princess really break her curse?

Features sizzling anal sex and a thorough spanking you won't want to miss!

Brief Excerpt

The Princess' bedchamber was as opulent as Elwyn ever could have imagined. Draped with thick carpets and rich silken wall-hangings, the room offered every comfort he could imagine, and had already been warmed with a low fire at the mantel. Alexandria tugged him by the hand, pulling him into the room and shutting it close behind. The chill reserve of public display melted, and she made a low laugh, twirling lightly as she waved her arms expansively. "Come on, Elwyn," she murmured to him. "There's wine if you wish, but I think I'm too excited. You tempt me so, sir magus..."

Hopefully, she was just too polite to notice him gawking at her room. Elwyn corrected the faux pas regardless, turning his attention back to the Princess Alexandria. Her dress was emerald green silk, heavily embroidered in an intricate, twirling pattern of golden roses. The cut clung to her figure, showing her ample curves readily, and low enough in the bodice that her motions made them threaten almost to let her breasts bounce free of it. Elwyn stepped to her, resting his hands on her hips. As she arched her neck for him to kiss, he breathed, words dampening her skin, "Ah, Princess... Before we go further. Whisper to me a word, that word I mentioned before, that I know if I should push too hard."

Alexandria cocked her head just so, lips brushing Elwyn's ear. Her hands slid up his doublet, tugging it open. Tongue touching his earlobe, she breathed into it, "Ruby." He nodded, leaning into her breath, and started sliding his hands up over her bodice, letting his fingers slide over the embroidered flowers. She gasped as Elwyn's hands slid over her breasts, palming them smoothly before he began to unlace her dress slowly.  The Princess raised her hands, sliding them up Elwyn's arms to his shoulders, lingering there and then pushing his doublet off, letting it drop to the ground in an unceremonious heap.

As Elwyn worked Alexandria's dress downward, revealing her tightly-laced corset, he kissed her neck all the more, adding a bit of teeth to each long, wet kiss. She gasped into his hair, then stepped back as her dress hit the floor, hands shifting to tug him along with her. When they were free of the tangle of silk, Elwyn slid his hands down to squeeze Alexandria's round, pantied backside. "A princess has to do some naughty things," he whispered throatily in her ear. "I know you deserve this spanking." He started with a light one, as they began to push toward the bed. She gasped, eyes going a bit wide at the impact, then tugged his tunic up and off.

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Published April 30, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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