Squirt School by Alastair Anders
(M/f teacher student sex, female ejaculation)

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A terrible incident at senior prom led Evelyn to swear off all forms of sex, even masturbation. But in her college Human Sexuality class, she learns that what happened to her has a name - female ejaculation - and she embarks on a quest to discover her own sexuality. But will her handsome professor be willing to give her extra lessons?


“That’s terrible!” Professor Jordan breathed.

Evelyn was sitting in a chair in his office, and she had just unburdened herself of the horrible, humiliating story of her prom night. The tremor in Professor Jordan’s voice made her eyes begin to well up with tears. She tried to be stoic and blink them back, but it didn’t work. She started to sob.

“Evelyn, I am so, so sorry that happened to you,” he said shakily, handing her a couple of tissues. “I can’t imagine how scary and humiliating that must have been. And to have no idea what was happening!?”

Evelyn dabbed her eyes with the corner of the tissue. “I was so scared,” she said. “I even thought Tom had burst my bladder, or something.” The full humiliation of the night washed back over her, and she lowered her face into the tissues and sobbed.

Professor Jordan got up from his chair and placed one hand on Evelyn’s shoulder.

“They sure didn’t teach us anything like that in high school sex ed,” she sniffed, trying to compose herself.

“High school sex ed,” Professor Jordan’s sigh had a note of anger in it. “Where a woman’s full sexual function is to lie back and get pregnant.” He gripped Evelyn’s shoulder. Then, with both hands, he began massaging her shoulders. She felt the knots that had formed in her back become pliable, and then release. A warm place formed in her belly and spread throughout her body, and an electric tremor rose up from her loins. Her nipples hardened, and her cheeks tingled.

“I’m glad you know the truth, now,” Professor Jordan said softly.

“Me too,” Evelyn sniffed. “But I still have this problem – even though I know, mentally, that I’m okay and that this thing that happens to me is good – I still can’t – I don’t know how…” She started to cry again.

“It will come,” Professor Jordan said tenderly, dabbing at her cheeks with the tissue. “Don’t worry.”

He was so close to her. She could feel his breath against her ear and smell the toothpaste he had been using – oranges and mint. And she wondered – what if I did something wild?

“Actually. Um.” Evelyn squeezed her hands between her knees. The question stuck in her throat. “I was. I was hoping that um. That you could… help me?”

She looked up at Professor Jordan through her wet eyelashes. The question seemed to hang in the air between them. He swallowed. “You’re… to be clear, you’re asking me to…” he stammered.

Evelyn blushed and stared at the toes of her boots. She felt utterly foolish for assuming that Professor Jordan would be willing to risk his job, his reputation…

But then she heard a clatter as Professor Jordan swept the papers and books off his desk.

Evelyn couldn’t believe what was happening. As Professor Jordan moved to lock the door to his office, she hopped onto his desk and kicked off her snow boots. She sprawled back across his desk, feeling the outlines of pencils and paperbacks through her sweater. She threw her arms back, like he could dive into her.

Professor Jordan sat back down in his chair. He ran the palm of his hand from Evelyn’s breastbone to the buckle of her belt. “Do I need to state the obvious?” he asked.

“This never happened.” Evelyn smirked and rolled her eyes. How cute, she thought.

“Good.” He kissed her on the mouth. Evelyn reached behind his head and held him in the kiss, like she’d seen in old movies. His lips were warm and full and she felt his breath against her face. She felt like she was melting. Every resistance disappeared. It was amazing.

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Published August 19, 2012 13 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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