Strange Sex Stories by Odessa Piper
My Boyfriend is a Unicorn (Fantasy Erotica, Magical Beasts)

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Gala's boyfriend, Elan, is the kind of guy most folks wouldn't approve of. So the two of them need to sneak away every time they want to spend time together. But Elan is sweet, and strong, and loves spending time with Gala. More importantly, he's real enthusiastic about helping her get off. Who cares if he's a little different? Like, say, if he's a unicorn...

Of course, such an illicit and scandalous tryst as that can't be done anywhere near prying eyes. Every time the two lovers wish to consummate their affections they need to find quiet and seclusion. It just so happens that Elan is a very fast unicorn, and with he gallops, the heavy muscles of his equine body make quite the warm, rugged surface when a girl rides him bareback. He always gives the kind of ride a girl could really feel deep down into her.

This scandalous and adventurous tale doesn't shy away from illicit love, or from explicit, graphic descriptions of such illicit love. Humping, horns, dirty horseback riding, and wet, giddy climax await inside for those who can throw away their inhibitions to savor a love (and a lust) so true...

Approx. 6300 words, intended for (freaky) adults only.


Gala leaned against Elan’s thick neck, and felt the soft hair of his mane against her cheek. Long blond strands spilled back against her cheeks and shoulders as Elan’s legs carried her through the trees with surprising speed. He moved through the woods like water over rocks, effortlessly, elegantly, without force or resistance. It was his home, and Gala clung to him as he moved her through it.

Elan’s heavy muscles clenched and bulged as he ran. The tight bundles of strength near his shoulder flexed against Gala’s stomach, and her thighs held fast to a chest that swelled with deep inhales. And as he moved into a gallop, wind whipping chaotic and free against the two of them, Gala held tighter. She held tight as the driving neck, thick and strong, shifted with each stride.

With each stride Elan’s head bobbed to the rhythm of his stride, driving forward as his balance shifted with each thrust of those powerful, forceful legs. Each churn of his shimmering hooves against the forest floor. With each sure stride, Elan bounced Gala gently on his back. With each bounce, Gala felt herself rub against that silky, slightly tickling hair. Each rub of her body built a pleasant hum inside her, as she ground against her lover’s back with her bare loins. The only things she wore were her hiked-up sundress and a giddy smile.

Hooves thundered through the forest, moving faster with each moment. Elan’s strides were sure and precise, he navigated the gnarled, root-strewn, stone-littered ground without a misstep. He wove through the trees with such speed. Gala pressed her body to his neck and back, and clutched with tense thighs to make herself as small as possible. She didn’t want to make drag for Elan, and she didn’t want to clip a branch or trunk.

Elan’s body grew hot against Gala. His chunky, warm muscles heated by his flight through the woods. Tireless piston-like legs flexed and released. Thick, strong muscles curled and tightened against Gala as she clung to him. The heat against her skin made her cling all the more, and the shuffling and shifting of his body under Gala stirred a heat inside her, too.

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Published May 8, 2013 by Odessa Piper. 17 pages
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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