Submitting to the Tentacle by JB Richards
(Reluctant Double Penetration Erotica)

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Heather is lab assistant to a brilliant geneticist as she works her way through college. The good doctor leaves for the day, and curiosity at his latest project gets the better of her. She accidentally lets it lose - some sort of human/tentacle hybrid. It pounces, wrapping her up, and soon she finds herself naked and in way over her head!

This story is intended for mature audiences only, and features scenes of reluctant sex, double and triple penetration, tentacle sex, light BDSM, sex with a monstrous creature and is 3800+ words.


Something lunged from the fog. Heather screamed as a thick, flesh-colored tendril snapped out of the white mist, as thick as her wrist and tapering down to a point like a tentacle. It whipped through the air, thick and leathery, striking with the speed of a cobra. The appendage twirled twice around her neck, cutting off her cry, tearing her from her feet and slamming her back against the wall. Stars exploded across her eyes as she was pinned and lifted by the writhing tentacle, sliding two feet up the wall until her shoes dangled above the floor.

Her eyes boggled, hands pawing at the fleshy monstrosity. She could draw in the barest of breath, but her vision swam dark. More tentacles leapt from the thinning mist, snaking across the floor and diving through the air in a writhing mass, all streaking toward her. Beyond, she could see something that looked mostly human, on two thick legs with a head that watched her in silence. It was naked, with tentacles writhing from its shoulders and chest. Intelligent, bright eyes stared out as the tentacles wrapped around her wrists and ankles, peeling them back and pinning them to the wall.

Heather lay pinned to the wall, two feet above the floor. She could feel the thick, leathery tendrils as they flexed about her neck and limbs, pressing her to the cold steel of the wall. She struggled, but it was like a child against a giant. The tentacles twitched and held her in place with ease.

The figure walked closer, naked feet squeaking on the floor. The tentacles peeled her from the wall and hefted her through the air with no more effort than she might have used to lift a piece of paper, and hung her just before the creature. It smiled at her with its surprisingly human face, and lifted a finger to its lips, shushing her.

Another tentacle flipped away from its shoulder, ripping at her clothes. She shrieked in muffled silence as her lab coat was torn from her body. Her shirt and bra joined it, and she shuddered as her breasts felt the cool air on exposed flesh. Her pants and thong ripped free in a flurry of motion, and, a moment later, even her shoes were torn free. Heather hung in the air, nude, the fleshy tentacles holding her motionless as the creature’s eyes roamed her nakedness. She squeezed her eyes closed.

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Published January 25, 2013 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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