Supernatural Suitcase 2 by Gregor Daniels
(Gender Transformation Erotica)

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After two loners stumble across the magical briefcase full of clothes that are capable of manipulating bone and flesh, they immediately come up with a method to make money from it. With one of them turning into a woman and another behind the camera, they decide to try amateur modelling. However, the changes are more than superficial, and the man-turned-woman begins to exhibit a new personality.

Length: 16,300 words

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes of sex, including gender transformations, clothes changing body parts, and mind corruption. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.


"I look fucking ridiculous." The bra was much too small for his body and it felt like it was going to tear. However, John and his friend assumed that the fabric of the clothing wasn't just constructed out of typical linen and polyester. As with the magical abilities of the garments, they also were resilient to tearing. It was the only theory that the two could conceive to explain why a person really large could fit into a shirt or a pair of pants designed for someone much smaller and thinner.

As the time ticked by, John started to feel a dull tingle originating around his ribcage and underneath his arms. While the seconds passed, that tingle elevated into a full numbness that circulated throughout the flesh that the bra covered. Then, a pressure began to force itself around his chest cavity.

"Jesus," John panted. It felt like a damn vice was squeezing him from every side! He looked over at his shoulders to see muscle and skeletal structure withering away right before his eyes. His bones cracked while his arms moved closer to his body. Likewise, his ribcage groaned and creaked and something compressed it down to a size it hadn't been since John went through puberty.

As the bra started to fit its wearer better and better with each passing moment, John felt something else concentrated on the front of his chest. So far, the invisible force had been determined to collapse his upper body and contain it into a girlish shape, but a new sensation was starting to well up near where the bra cups were situated.

The pink flaps of satin and underwire had started to become loose now with John's diminishing figure, but that soon changed when he gazed down to see two distinct mounds pushing out from his ribcage and racing outward to fill the hanging cups.

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Published February 17, 2013
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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