Tea For Three and Cougar Bites Man by Ginger Starr
(Erotica/Erotic Fiction)

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Two erotic short stories for men, women and couples featuring M/F, F/F and group scenes. All characters are unrelated and consenting adults 18 or over. Readers 18+ only.

Cougar Bites Man: Jim is a proud "East Coast Liberal". His poli-sci class at the Ivy League college where he teaches is one of the most popular courses on campus, especially with his female students. But when he tries to seduce the daughter of a billionaire banker, he finds he's been outclassed.

"Both jumped and Morgan screamed in surprise at the unexpected sound of another person in the room. Jim turned to see a fabulously dressed woman in her mid-40s leaning against the wall with a look of wry amusement. The sliding glass door was open. How long had she been standing there?
“I just arrived”, she said as if reading his mind. “I wanted to borrow that adorable pashmina from your mother, Morgan, when I saw you two and just had to say hello.”
“My mother…” Morgan sputtered.
“She’s decided to spend the day at the spa and I was going to join her. However, I could be persuaded to call her…”
“No!” Morgan gasped.
The woman held up her immaculately manicured hand as her thin gold bracelets jangled musically.
“I was about to say, dear, I could call to cancel; Terrible thing, these sudden migraines. Then perhaps, I could join you. But oh, look. Here I am without a swimsuit.”
Jim looked her over. Her glossy brown hair was freshly styled in a classic bob and her slender toned body spoke of the wonderful things yoga could do for a woman of any age. He turned back to face Morgan.
“Why don’t you introduce us?” he asked softly.
Morgan blinked. Stammering, she replied, “Jim, this is Uma, my m…mother’s friend. Uma, this is…Jim.”
“Wonderful.” Uma said crisply. “Now we can dispense with etiquette. I’m just leaving a message for your mother and then you both can undress me.”

Tea For Three: What's a girl to do when she's a superstar athlete with a libido to match? Not finding the answer with yoga or meditation, Jen discovers two handsome solutions at her local cafe.

"She turned to leave, when she saw two great looking guys at a table by the window. One was reading and the other stared directly at her. He had dark curly hair and bright blue eyes that crinkled at the corners when he smiled.
Jen returned his flirtatious grin and smoothly found her place back in line. She ordered the first thing she saw on the menu, some green tea concoction, and found a seat next to them.
The other one greeted her as she set her bag down.
“Did you get the green kombuchu?”
“Oh my God,” she replied. “I hope not. That sounds horrible.”
He laughed. “It may be an acquired taste for some. Personally, I like it.”
She took a sip and had to keep herself from spitting it back into the cup. It tasted like rotten mushrooms and dirt.
“Here,” she handed it to him. “It’s on me.”
“That would make it even better”, he grinned, before quickly saying, “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for…”
“Don’t mind him”, said his friend as he lifted his face from the book. “He has a way with the ladies. Not.”
Jen laughed. “Smitten, I’m sure.”
“Hey, Smitten”, he winked as he extended his hand. “I’m Ted and Mr. Smooth here is Steve.”
They were adorable. Their sitting in a hippie tea café in the middle of a workday gave the lie to their blue-collar plaid shirts and work boots. They were either artist types with trust funds or unemployed. Jen didn’t care which; she just knew that if they were game, she was taking both home."

About Ginger Starr

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Bestselling erotica author Ginger Starr is the nom de porn of your typical girl next door with a highly erotic imagination. When she is not writing her fantasies, she enjoys looking for inspiration from nature, art and music.
Published December 1, 2013 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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