Tempting my Brother by Charlotte Mistry
(First Time Gay Taboo Erotica)

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Home on a break from college, Mike's parents are out. It would just be a normal movie night with his stepbrother Cory if not for the recurring fantasies that Mike's been having. But when Cory starts playing into those fantasies, things heat up- and Mike might not be prepared for what happens when he gets his brother hot under the collar.

Warning: this 3600 word erotic short story contains explicit gay sex, taboo stepbrother pseudo-incest, rimming, and first time gay sex.

Excerpt for adults only:

He’d always struggled to measure up to his older brother. Cory was the kind of guy who was always top of the class and star of the football team, popular and clever and smooth. If Mike could have had even half of that, god, how different would his school life have been? If he hadn’t spent his days tongue-tied and shy at the back of the room, never quite daring to speak up?

Beside him, Cory was a warm sprawling weight. He put his feet up on the coffee table. Mike tried not to notice his presence, but when he was so close he could smell his brother, all clean skin and laundry soap and cheap cologne. There was a tingling warmth spreading through him that had nothing to do with beer. Mike swallowed hard and hit play.

He felt better as the movie started up. It was an action movie, all guns and explosions, real manly stuff. Within fifteen minutes he’d mostly forgotten about his own misgivings and he was slouched back on the couch next to Cory, laughing and joking at what was onscreen. It turned out the movie was terrible, but he didn’t care. The two of them ripped apart every line of bad dialog and moment of awful acting, every cheesy one-liner and low-budget monster. Mike hardly noticed they were getting closer until he bumped Cory’s elbow.

He turned his head to see Cory’s lips wrapped around the mouth of the beer bottle, soft pink flesh stretched over dark glass. Cory was looking at the TV, and when he laughed at something onscreen he stoppered the bottle with his tongue flat over the hollow.

The movie’s tinny explosions faded in Mike’s ears until all he could hear was the thundering of his own blood in his head. The only thing he saw was Cory’s mouth, and all he could think of were those dreams he’d had. He imagined his cock between his brother’s lips in place of the bottle, and then he imagined bending down and undoing Cory’s fly with his teeth, of seeing his brother’s hard cock spring out, of running his tongue up the side of it and maybe, if he was brave, taking it into his mouth.

Mike made a tiny, embarrassing sound that he couldn’t quite stifle. He was hard as a rock.

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Published December 8, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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