Tentacle Alien's Breeding Pet by Eva Creed
(Tentacle Sex Breeding Spanking Erotica)

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Famed scientist and sadist, Dr. Dana had not expected her new specimen: The X0069 tentacle creature to outwit her. In a twist of fate, she finds herself at its mercy, quickly regretting her abusive treatment of it. But is a tentacle creature capable of being merciful? 6007 words with peril, tentacle sex, spanking, being stuffed in all holes, and breeding. Adults only! All characters over 18.


A severe heat burned through my ass cheeks as it started to swell up from the tentacle's heavy blows. Again and again, it wailed into my ass, beating it red, tender and puffy. Trails of its warm, slimy residue dripped down into my butt crack, making my ass give off lewd, squelching sounds every time it was hit.

Unable to do anything to stop it, I could only endure, gritting my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut as I pressed my face against the tentacles on the floor, trying in vain to block out or distract myself from the terrible stinging sensations.


The next blow came down, stripping away more pieces of my hatred. Each time it spanked me, I felt something overriding my fury, replacing it with a great fear. Before long, all pretense of anger had left me, leaving only the pain and dreadful anticipation of when the next hit would come.

"P-Please! S-Stop..! I-I'm sorry!"

I was crying. Tears stung my eyes and trickled out as I awaited the next blow. How utterly humiliating. Me, the famed Dr. Dana, treated so abusively as a plaything for this vile creature. What if someone saw me now? Trussed up like this with my tender red ass up on display, being spanked like a naughty girl, I'd be a laughingstock! My entire reputation would be ruined!

Still... I didn't care, if it meant someone would save me from this awful nightmare. Anyone would do... even that wretched assistant that had put me here in the first place!

I grimaced silently, waiting for the next blow. But... it didn't come. Instead, a sudden slimy sensation caused me to jump and gasp in a different way. It was rubbing my ass! The spanking had left it raw and tender, and at first it felt like an entirely new kind of painful torture. That is, until the dull aching pain subsided, and it started feeling especially good. It was massaging the wounded tissue, sliding its tentacles up and down my cheeks, pushing and kneading as it went. So incredibly good... Enough to make me cry tears of relief.

Why did it stop spanking? Was it because I said I was sorry? Because I stopped trying to shout and get angry? The scientist in me wanted to test this theory out, but I dared not risk antagonizing it. Especially not when it was treating me so well. Even with the painful throbbing of my tenderized ass, it still felt pleasurable in a raw, almost sexual manner. I couldn't help but let slip sighs of ecstasy, relaxing into its suddenly gentle grips. I should be more suspicious of the way it was acting, but right now, observing its behavioral patterns was the furthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to feel good.

Then I felt something that broke me from my trance. The sensation of my ass-cheeks being spread apart! Alarm bells went off in my head. It felt like several tendrils were working together, using their tips like fingers to pry my ass wide, exposing my brown eye.

"H-Hey! Don't do that..!"

I started to struggle again, until a stinging slap caused me to cry out and stop. As I ceased to fight, a tendril prodded within my crack, searching for an opening. Is this really happening? It couldn't be that it wanted to get in... right? Was it really going to take my anal virginity?

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Published August 9, 2012 19 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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