Tentacle Sex Collection by Sophie Walton
(Tentacle erotica and monster sex)

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This 18,195 word collection contains the following tentacle sex stories:

Tentacles of Pleasure

Penniless student Jenny turns up at Liebermann Bioscience expecting to take part in a drug trial and gets a big, wet, tentacled surprise!

WARNING! This 6,525 word story contains a beautiful young student, a seductive woman scientist, rubber fetish, breath control, underwater FF sex and a tentacle monster that will leave you gasping!

Excerpt: I swam up to the creature, my body at a forty five degree angle as the professor continued to film me. I’d noticed other cameras strategically positioned around the well-lit aquarium so was sure my every move would be captured for posterity. I stopped and kept finning to keep myself clear of the bottom. As I did so, two of the gigantic pink tentacles with their giant creamy colored suckers unfurled and reached out to me, wrapping themselves softly around my calves. The feeling of gentle restraint and soft suction by the coke-can sized suckers was strangely sensual and not at all unpleasant.
The two tentacles dew me forward, pulling my legs from beneath me. As I fell backward, I tried to restrain a rising sense of panic. I knew the professor could see the increasingly frequent surges of bubbles from my regulator and hear my breathing through her headset, and I didn’t want to let myself down by panicking. In any case I had no idea how the octopus would react to my panicked flailing were I to lose it.

Freediving Alien Ménage

When beautiful 24 year old Marine Biology graduate Cassie and her gorgeous 37 year old dive buddy Steve turn up for a freedive on a sunken Liberty ship off Maine, they have no idea what awaits them or how it will affect their feelings for each other.

WARNING! This 6,294 word story contains tentacled aliens, rubber fetish, breath control and a smokin' hot underwater extraterrestrial threesome that will leave you breathless!

Excerpt: I looked up and realized the shimmering effect had passed over me, forming a curtain of light over my head. Inside, structures, presumably organs, moved and undulated and pulses of light passed along linear elements, possibly analogous to nerves. This creature was like nothing humanity had so far encountered. I realized how important it was to get my video properly analyzed. This could be one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made.
Feeling the urge to breathe starting to rise in me again, I decided it was time to go. I reached upward and felt my hands press into something viscous and gelatinous that was slowly throbbing. I suddenly realized I had to get through whatever it was to exit the tank and make my way to the surface and life giving air.

Tentacle Sacrifice

When Andrea visits her billionaire client she's expecting another evening of deeply kinky underwater sex. She has no idea what awaits her her in the warm waters of Steve's aquarium of what she will have to endure to win her lover's heart.

WARNING! This 5,374 word tentacle sex story contains a beautiful high class call girl, a sinister tentacle monster and lots of really hot underwater tentacle sex.

Excerpt: I gasped and sucked in lungful after lungful of precious, life giving air as the creature writhed and undulated around me, getting the best possible grip and compressing me softly with their immense bulk. I felt the suckers everywhere but my nylons and garter belt where they could not achieve suction. Their sucking was slow and rhythmical, each sucker working in turn to send waves of stimulation around my body and extremities. The effect was delicious, especially where a tentacle had wrapped itself around my throat. The tentacle applied just enough pressure to thrill me without restricting my breathing. Tentacles around my chest likewise restrained me without restriction, applying a gentle, rhythmical pressure. The whole effect was utterly delicious and not at all what I’d expected. Being offered as a sacrifice actually wasn’t turning out that bad!

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Published September 24, 2012 48 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Fiction

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