The Beast Within by Adriana Rossi
(Werewolf Erotica Trilogy)

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The conclusion to Adriana Rossi's trilogy begins when Rob has finally been convinced to join the pack and nervously awaits the initiation. He must stave off lusty werewolves until then (no easy feat during a full moon). This 4,128 word story contains dubious consent, a gangbang, double penetration, blowjobs, and menage!


The pen he held on a blank piece of notebook paper spiraled into circles before he gave up on concentrating and shoved it aside. Tonight was his initiation into the pack, and Rob was nervous. Dave had warned him that it tended to get a bit—heated.

Rob had never fucked a bunch of wolves before. Hell, he had never been in a threesome before he was turned. He stood up from the uncomfortable, wooden chair and stretched. He was temporarily housed at pack headquarters for the time being. It was too risky with Dr. Umbrage’s death and Clark’s disappearance.

The doctor had attempted to poison him with wolfsbane when word had gotten out that he had been bitten by a wolf. Clark had seduced him to his bed, only to start torturing him for information the moment he was tied up. Luckily, Dave had friends at the bar who saw him disappear with Clark, a known wolf-hater. It was Dave who had found him and saved him. Giddiness flooded his chest as he thought of the handsome packmaster. He knew he was just another new wolf in the pack, but Rob hoped all the same that maybe they could get to know each other better.

The door opened suddenly as Peter, the wolf that had bitten him accidentally, stepped inside. He wore a red bandana around his short, brown hair and was smiling eagerly. “Rob, you have to come and see this.”

Rob wasn’t sure how he felt about Peter. On one hand, he was upset about the abrupt change in his life. Being a slave to the moon wasn’t something he had envisioned for his future. On the other hand, it had brought him Dave.

He followed Peter out of the room. “What is it?” he asked.

“You’ll see.”

Muffled yelling sounds increased with every step he took. Peter stopped in front of a door, nodding to the guards. He smiled as it swung open for him and entered. Rob followed with a horrible sense of foreboding.

Inside was a scene of depravity. Strewn everywhere on the floor were sex toys: anal beads, dildos, canes of every size. Several werewolves were inside, some transformed, some in their human form. All of them seemed to be taunting a man. It was him. Clark was strung up by his hands from the ceiling. He was naked and had several ghastly bite marks all over his body. He was doubled over slightly, and walking around him, Rob could see why. The silver dildo was shoved into his ass.

“Isn’t this a bit extreme?” Rob commented mildly.

Peter looked at him with an incredulous look. “He tried to kill you.”

“And now he’s going to be a werewolf?” He gestured to the bite marks.

“It’s the only way to ensure that he won’t turn against us. Once you get initiated into a pack, you can’t disobey a direct order from the packmaster.”

Rob balked. “Why?”

“Because you just can’t. You won’t want to.” Peter picked up a whip from the ground and lashed it at Clark’s bare ass cheeks. He moaned.

He reeled from this new information. “I don’t want someone who has that kind of power over me!”

Peter cracked the whip in frustration. “You still don’t understand our culture. We need control. We need a leader to keep us in line—otherwise it’s just sex and violence. Lone wolves usually aren’t tolerated.”

Rob chose to leave at that point, extremely conflicted. He closed the door behind him as they took turns fondling Clark’s genitals. What exactly was he signing up for? A life of servitude?

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Published April 26, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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