The Curvy Nurse Collection by Gia Vanna

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Three hot doctor-and-nurse stories in one! Beth becomes the object of lust for the new surgeon, Mr Edwards. Lucy is not used to being ordered around... but Guy Benson has a way with words (and his hands.) And Nina decides to give something back to ten hard-working junior doctors - herself!


Lucy piled her hair on top of her head and wrapped a towel around it. Then she walked like a ballet dancer in training, rigid backed and awkward, as she picked her way through to her living room. She managed to sink onto the sofa without dislodging her careful headdress arrangement.
She tucked her feet up under her bottom, and pulled her fleecy robes closer over her ample chest. She was a big girl and she felt that in the fluffy pink gown she looked far too close to an elephant. But she was alone and she didn't care. She had popcorn, a dvd box set, and her nails to paint.
She had just chosen the Luscious Lady shade (red, of course) when the doorbell rang.
She ignored it. It rang again. With a sigh she thrust her feet into her ridiculously furry slippers and padded down the hallway to peep through the spyhole.
It appeared to be a bunch of flowers.
Perhaps Guy had sent them to apologise. Then she kicked herself - what was she thinking of Guy for? Her first thought should have been of Luke. Guiltily, she opened the door.
But it wasn't a bouquet delivery person hiding behind the lilies. Guy himself grinned at her through the fronds, and she leapt back in alarm, trying to hide herself behind the door.
"Good evening, Lucy. Ready for our meal out?"
"I had said no!" She started to close the door on him. She knew it was rude of her, but so was his unannounced arrival.
"You were teasing me, surely?"
"You are teasing me!"
"Oh no." Guy's voice dropped low, and he suddenly sounded deadly serious. "In fact, Lucy, I am not teasing you at all. I want you. I want your body and I want you. You're a strong, capable woman, aren't you? I bet that boyfriend of yours is a wet dish rag. I bet you have to tell him what to do. I bet he hasn't got a forceful bone in his body. That's why he's with you, Lucy. So you'll take responsibility for him. But it's not enough, is it? How about you lie back and let someone look after you?"
Lucy quivered. Every word he said was true, and it hurt to hear it. To her astonishment, she almost felt like welling up.
She really was so very tired of being in charge all the time.
He must have sensed her capitulation, because he stepped forwards with the flowers and she opened the door, letting him into the hallway. He smiled. "Thank you. Have you a vase for these?"
"In the kitchen. Here, let me." She took them from him, holding them in front of her body like a defensive shield, but waited for him to move towards the kitchen. She did not want him walking behind her, and seeing how enormous her butt was in the fleecy robe.
But he waited, and nodded, and politely insisted she go in first. Wearily, she trekked into her smart, chrome kitchen and shoved the lilies into a vase. He waited by the door.
"Look at me," he said.
Slowly she turned to face him, feeling moody and petulant.
"What's wrong?" he asked her.
She laughed at him, a bitter laugh with no humour. "What's wrong? You turn up unannounced, you force your way into my house, and you stand there... looking at me. That's what's wrong!"
"I did announce it. You let me in. And I like looking at you. You are worth looking at. I want to see more of you. All of you, in fact."

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Published January 6, 2014 57 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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