The Dardanos, Co. Omnibus by Calle J. Brookes

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*Reprinted Works*

This omnibus contains four novellas and one short story from the Dardanos, Co. series. All are previously published works.


War was cruelty, cruelty was war. Sacrifices must be made by both sides.

Rydere Dardanos was king of the Dardaptos people—the race of beings responsible for the ancient vampire legends. He’d do anything to protect his people in the war between the Dardaptoans and all those named Taniss.

Emily Taniss was the new CEO of Taniss Industries, the company her grandfather started sixty years ago. The company responsible for so many horrific acts against the Dardaptoan people. Her grandfather’s actions held many repercussions for Emily and her cousins. It would take them years to straighten it all out.

But Emily didn’t have years, she had only moments.

Rydere saw the young woman’s death as a necessary sacrifice for his people. So many of his people had been lost at Taniss hands, her death was only fitting. Owed to his people. He didn’t have to like killing her, but he would do it. He held her small body clutched against him as he lowered his fangs toward her neck. He would make it easy on her, he would make it quick.

Until his first taste of her blood made it clear to him she wasn’t just a sacrifice. She was his destined mate...and queen of his people.

Now he would have to convince her of that...


Mickey Taniss had a difficult time trusting men--of any species. And she knew she'd never be able to trust one who'd turned her from a human woman into a vampire! Or a Dardaptoan--whatever he'd called her.

She knew the truth--he'd kidnapped her and taken her from the very world she knew. And now he wanted her to believe some goddess she'd never heard of had preordained them being together?

He was absolutely crazy.

Theodoric Sebastos had spent the long centuries waiting for and longing for his mate, and when he found her he would do whatever he had to in order to convince her that they belonged together and that she could trust him.

But how was he to do that?


Jade always knew she was different and she always knew there was a special someone waiting for her. She hadn't known he would be four hundred years old--or a vampire.

Barlaam had waited for centuries for his Rajni--his destined mate. He never expected it to be some human girl who was barely twenty-one!

The only honorable thing for him to do was step back and give her a few more years--maybe a decade--before he staked his claim!

But that's not what Jade wants...

He might be resistant, but Jade was unstoppable.

He was hers, and she would have him!


Jason Taniss was a family man, first and foremost. He loved his grown daughters and he was learning to tolerate his vampiric sons-in-law. But as a Lupoiux werewolf he longed for his own mate. She was out there waiting for him, somewhere. He just had to find her.

Dr. Annabelle Macgregor ran faster than she ever had before. Her scientific mind refused to accept what she'd seen. Werewolves did not exist.

Jason knew the rogue wolves wouldn't stop until they caught the lone female human; he knew what they would do to her if they caught her, too. As an employee of Taniss Industries, the woman was his responsibility to protect. He'd do just that.

But when Jason caught Anna's scent, one thing became clear...she was his mate...


Kennera was the goddess of the Dardaptoan people; Eiophon her sworn enemy and patron god of the Lupoiux. They'd been imprisoned together for centuries, and in less than three days the walls separating them would come down. Then Kennera knew what the wolf god had planned for her and her people...

Eiophon would find her, no matter where she ran. How could he not? He'd waited centuries to claim his mate, the very enemy he chased...

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Published November 21, 2012 by Lost River Lit. 282 pages
Genres: Romance, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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