The Every Last Drop Trilogy Three Stories of Kidnapping, Forced Lactation and Revenge by Amie Heights

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In this compilaction of 3 of the most shameless milking stories available, the man known only as the Host takes the precious milk of 12 lactating women. As they bend to his will and submit to his twisted perversion their bodies will be raw until every last drop is his. Contains graphic milking, depraved sex, and kinky bondage of consenting adults; ADULTS ONLY!


Caroline had to pee, she had sucked down an entire large soda while snacking on popcorn during the movie and now was at the breaking point. She hated paying to see movie and missing part of it because she had a tiny bladder, but it was no longer an option.
"Back in a second," she whispered in the ear of her fried Sara who nodded.
"I'll tell you what happened," Sara added in a whisper back.
They had arrived late so had to settle for an aisle seat which was lucky now because Caroline didn't have to shove her ass or crotch into anyone's face to slide out and get to the stairs.
She was feeling self-conscious about her figure since she had the baby in December. Not only had her breasts gotten huge, but her butt had too. It was bad enough that her breasts were making milk for the baby she didn't want the rest of her to become a cow, too.
She knew she should cut herself some slack; she was a mom now and could be expected to put on a few pounds, but deep inside she didn't like looking like a plump mom.
Deep inside she also was about to explode with pee if she didn't make it to the bathroom. Luckily this was a multiplex and she had seen a bathroom right around the corner from her theater.
There was no one coming in or out which was odd and she walked right up to the door before she saw the yellow “Out of Order” sign hung to it.
"Oh balls," she said. How could the whole thing be closed? There were at least 10 stalls in there, so unless it was flooded that was just silly. There was no way she was going to get all the way to the lobby without wetting her pants. She looked around and saw there was no one watching, pulled the door open and ducked inside.
It was empty. She had been afraid there would be plumbers in here but she was alone. She went into the first stall and dropped her pants.
After she finished her business she didn't flush just in case it really was broken. She hurried to the door feeling like she had gotten away with something when all she really did was pee.
She nearly fainted when she saw that a man was standing in front of her and in front of the door.
"I didn't see the sign," she lied and realized how stupid that was. How could she say she didn't see a sign if she hasn't actually seen it?
Caroline pleaded with her eyes hoping the man would just take pity and let her get back to the movie. He must have been a manager because he certainly didn't look like an usher or popcorn seller. He was very handsome and Caroline felt herself blush. She saw he was dressed in smart charcoal pants with a dark shirt.
"I mean I saw it, but I really had to go, I just couldn't help myself. You know how that is, right?"
"I do," he said, smiling wryly.
"In fact, I'm here because I just can't help myself either," he said. Caroline wondered what he meant by that, and if she may be in more trouble than just using a closed off bathroom.
"Do you even work here, because I really want to get back to my movie," she said and tried to push past him to the door. He didn't answer and in fact moved closer to her.
"Not so fast, dear," he said and too fast for her to react he grabbed her.

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Published January 9, 2014 by Amie Heights. 71 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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