The Ginger Erotica Collection by Ginger Starr

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Six ultra-erotic short stories for men, women and couples! All characters are unrelated and consenting adults 18 or over. Readers 18+ only, please.


Everyone Loves Cello:

Was that a compliment? His eyes flashed hot lust, so it couldn’t be that bad, even if my wild hair did make me look like a witch.
Randomly, I remembered a bumper sticker that read: WITCH: Woman In Total Control of Herself. And I was in control. I was completely happy, even ecstatic. I laughed, loud and free enough to make any broomstick-flying pagan proud.
The Maestro looked surprised. “I called you a mermaid. What did you think I said?”

My First Time:

His low sexy voice sent chills through me.
“Good morning!” I squeaked, trying my Doris Day best to be bright and chipper.
He stood shirtless with his arms casually crossed against his chest, his biceps bulging. A trail of thin curls traveled down his flat stomach and disappeared beneath the low waistband of his black jeans. With a devilish grin that could've been trademarked “The Virgin Slayer”, he hooked his thumb in his belt loop, exposing smooth flesh on his chiseled hipbone.
“Getting ready for church?” he drawled.

Fair Play:

"Yeah", he grinned. “I’m the repair guy.”
I opened my mouth to speak, but he wasn’t looking at me. Terri was hanging by her door, making a beckoning motion with her hand. Model Repair Dude and I stepped forward at the same time, then we stopped and looked at each other, he quizzically, me unable to hide my jealousy.
Suddenly, it was all clear. That’s why I was invited to her husband’s show, as proof that we were working late, not that she was with some cheesy guy (okay, he was totally hot, but I was feeling particularly ungenerous) pretending to be a repairman.
I grabbed the folder and marched down the hall. I was furious. I had no idea what I would see if I threw her door open, but I did it anyway.
“Terri, I’m done, here’s the contracts. Goodbye.”
Those were the fully formed sentences that did not come out of my mouth because I was in awe of the vision before me.

A Little Off The Top:

This was getting freaky, like any minute I would find that I was on some hidden camera show where they punk middle age losers like me with babes totally out of their league. She stood and I immediately averted my eyes, but not quick enough. She totally busted me, but instead of bristling, she gave me a big smile that showed off killer dimples in her smooth cheeks. “I think you would be even more handsome with a little off the top and close sides.”
“I’ll do whatever you want.” I said. Delicious giggles burbled from her adorable mouth.
“I already knew that.”

Steam Heat:

She was athletic and healthy-looking, no waif wannabe. Her figure was curvy, with firm round breasts the size of cantaloupes above a trim waist, which swelled to luscious hips and strongly muscled thighs. The only fly in the proverbial ointment was her feelings about monogamy. She had been upfront with me from the start, but there is a difference between intellectualizing a concept-say, your wife’s desire to explore her sexuality with other people-and watching her take three cocks in a public sauna.

Doctor's Orders:

We didn’t speak on the drive to my house. I sat next to him in the clean cab of his pickup and listened to the radio to drown out my crazy thoughts.
Yes, this was an amazingly good-looking young man who was going to give me a full body rub down in my living room. So? This morning I was deciding on whether to take a shower or stay in bed for the rest of my life. Now, I was bringing an almost stranger to my house and in less than a half-hour, he would see me naked. Thank God I shaved my legs.

About Ginger Starr

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Bestselling erotica author Ginger Starr is the nom de porn of your typical girl next door with a highly erotic imagination. When she is not writing her fantasies, she enjoys looking for inspiration from nature, art and music.
Published December 1, 2013 74 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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