The Highwayman And The Virgin by Gia Vanna
(Historical Erotica)

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It's the 1660s and King Charles II is restored to his throne, and England is partying. Eliza du Marron longs for adventure and excitement, but she gets more than she expected when she meets the notorious highwayman Kit Fletcher. These 13,000 words of historical erotica are adults only! Deflowering, oral sex, and masturbation with an ivory-handled hairbrush.

-- Excerpt –
Once out into the cold night air, her head cleared somewhat. "Oh. Oh dear, yes, I really had ought to be home," she admitted, clinging to Kit's arm as they walked around to the stables. The boy had long gone, and the hunter stood alone in the middle stall. Eliza struggled as they stepped over the stone sill of the doorway, stumbling against Kit. He caught her in his arms and flung her around to face him, pressing her against his chest.
Time slowed, coalescing to one single moment of balance. Eliza tipped her head back to gaze up at Kit, illuminated by a yellow lantern on the wall at the far end of the stables. His face showed sharp angles in the shadowy light, with cheekbones of menace. His usual smile faded as he looked down at her, and her heart flipped. What was wrong?
He spread his fingers wide in the small of her back. Every part of her body was hot and throbbing. "Kit," she asked again, "are you all right? You look…strange."
"Eliza du Marron, you are going to make someone a wonderful wife," he said in a low voice. He sounded choked.
At the mention of marriage, she snorted. "You were right, it'll be the bed of a rich old whig that I'm bound for. Where I do my wifely duty at least once a year till he sinks into a fumbling dotage of port and backgammon."
"You're an innocent little thing. What do you imagine your wifely duty to be?" Kit's joking expression returned.
"My older sister has been married some time. I've been around animals a lot. And I listen to the servants when they gossip. I am not an innocent."
"And what has your sister told you?"
"That a man… well, he is heavy. And… it may hurt at first. But it won't last. That it is not as bad as you might imagine. The servants even say it's fun. They seem to want to do that thing. And it must be fun or people wouldn't have liaisons, would they? Even the women. And then a baby is got."
"It should always be fun," Kit whispered, moving a hand slowly up her back. "For the man and the woman. And a baby is not always got. There are ways…"
Eliza had heard hints before. "It's true?"
"The baby needs the seed of the man. He might let it issue elsewhere."
Kit's hand crept higher. Now she felt it warmly encircling the back of her neck, weaving his fingers in through her hair. "Eliza, you're in danger here. Not from me. From yourself. You're looking for adventure and I'm perfectly willing to provide it but I don't think you understand…"
"That's exactly it. I want to understand. I had not thought, until now, that men had anything I wanted… but men, and marriage, are two different things. I do understand that my husband might be dull and unattractive. So why not show me the things that I won't learn in a marriage bed?"
"It will ruin you, utterly."
Eliza shook her head, pouting. "Not if you let your… ah, seed, issue elsewhere." Her face flamed just saying that.
And suddenly he kissed her.

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Published September 14, 2012 39 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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