The Kingdom Is Within by Sipiwe Mashingaidze
Master of Your Destiny 2

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This book is a reminder that human beings were created in the image of God. Each one of us is His child and His Image. As His Images and children, we inherited the spiritual properties of God, in the same manner that we inherited physical properties from our parents. Therefore we inherently possess God-properties. In other words, 'all power is given to us'.

Advanced beings have come to earth over the ages, reminding us of this truth. The last known master and teacher is Jesus, who came to teach about the Kingdom of Heaven which is within us. As the ideal human being, He demonstrated over and over again, what we are all capable of, if we only have faith in our inherent capabilities. He left a message that with faith, we can do what he does, and even more, as stated in John 14:12.

Though Jesus taught the crowds in parables, he privately taught his disciples the secrets of the Kingdom of God. When they mastered his teachings, he sent them out to heal, and to teach others, with full authority. We too can learn the secrets of the Kingdom of God, we can teach and heal others and we can create material things for ourselves and the needy. We do not need any external authority to tell us what to do, since by giving each person dominion over all earth, God gave each one authority.

Paul reminded us in his famous epistles, that we are the temples of God, each one of us. That means God dwells within us, and we are his holy temples, not made by hands. We do not need to build a physical temple and put God in it, since God is not a physical thing that can be taken and put in any place. We do not need to visit a man-made temple in order to worship, since we are the temple of God, and we can worship him in silence, privately.

In spite of all this, we live lives of desperation, fear, pain, sadness, lack, and limitation. We live under the heavy yoke of dogma, control and conditioning by all sorts of establishments, unscrupulous leaders, traditions, superstitions and cultures. Yet it is not God's intention that we live like that. Due to corruption of humanity, we have forgotten who we are, and we feel separate from God and from each other. That accounts for our personal problems and the prevailing world problems.

This book reminds us that we are children of God and heirs to His Kingdom, and that indeed we were created to have dominion on earth, and to be masters of our destinies. If God is within us and around us, then we have authority to work with God-Power within us and around us to accomplish anything good on earth. It is up to each one of us, to take up this Truth, and to live it. There is no need for any authorities, or for any outside priests. If everyone is a Holy Temple, then everyone is his/her own priest. Everyone has direct access to God, within. This is what Jesus meant when he said, 'When you pray, go into your room, shut the door, and talk to your Father in secret." He never said we must make loud and lengthy prayers. In fact he discouraged that strongly.
Jesus also taught us that he and his father are one. He did not claim that for himself only. As the ideal person, he was teaching us that each person is one with God. It is in that oneness that one finds power. The oneness exists in each human being, and you only need to contemplate it, believe it, assume its Truthfulness, and realize it. Jesus said, 'Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all will be given to you." 'All' includes power over the self, the body, the environment and matter, and ability to heal any human condition instantly. It means boundlessness and opulence.

The Kingdom of God is within. God the Father is waiting for each one of us, each prodigal son, to come back to him. He is saying to each one, 'My son, all I ever had is yours.' Will you take up this challenge to find out who you are? Will you take up this challenge to claim your inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven? Will you take up this challenge to get rid of religious authorities and become your own

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Published October 8, 2012 by Sipiwe Mashingaidze. 214 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality.

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