The Meaning of Life by Vimal Sehgal B.Tech. IIT Delhi

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Love is divine and Divinity is love personified. The author explains that divine love is the meaning of life and shows the reader how everyone can attain peace, love, immortality and happiness by the easy method of mantra meditation. The book elaborately describes love as the ultimate reality, love is divine, reincarnation and its significance, immortality and bliss, law of karma, mind and meditation, bhakti yoga and the art of dying.
The book also presents a synthesis of science and religion by explaining the fundamentals of life and consciousness and by giving the characteristics of life and matter. Included are some fascinating tales from ancient Vedic scriptures which illustrate the philosophy with the medium of real life drama.
Love is the highest value. From our experience we can surmise that the feeling of love is the most pleasing and gives us ecstasy and pleasure. The feeling of love is cherished by all and the exchange of feelings of love is remembered fondly within our hearts. Love nourishes us and really love is our life. Without love life is meaningless. Indeed the meaning of life is love.
Our present education system does not teach students the meaning of life. The tragedy of life is that, consequently, a person may go through life without ever knowing the meaning of life or why he came to this world in the first place.
Topics covered include:
• The Meaning of Life
• Love is divine
• Immortality and bliss
• Meditation and bhakti yoga
• Reincarnation and its significance
• Laws of karma
• Proof of God’s existence
+ Location of soul
• Life is but a dream
• The art of dying

About the author:
The author is a disciple of the late Swami Mangal Maharaj, secretary Shri Chaitanya Gaudiya Ashram in India. Previously he worked as a systems analyst with Govt. of Canada after graduating in electrical engineering and computer sciences from IIT Delhi and University of Ottawa respectively.

What is the meaning of life? The answer to this all important question is:
The meaning of life is love. For therein lies the happiness of the individual. Everywhere in the hearts of all people in all times is the great yearning for love. Whether one is a man, woman or child, old or young, a bird, beast, aquatic or whatever species of life, everyone is looking for love fully consciously or on various levels of awareness. From our childhood this is our experience. A child wants love. If his parents or substitutes do not love him by holding or cuddling him he will be unhappy and cry. In the beginning a child is basically interested in himself. Gradually as he grows up his love may extend to mother, father then friends, society and nation. In the heart of everyone there is love. People give expression to their love in various ways by serving others and their society, nation and mankind. Thus they seek fulfilment of their loving propensity by reaching out to others by their words and deeds.
A child may not be fully developed in awareness but automatically his yearning for love is there. Even a pet bird or dog will love his master and demand love. In school, children seek love and often say he or she is my best friend. The teenagers are all searching for true love. They want to find that person who has loveable qualities, who they can love with all their heart and soul and who in turn will reciprocate their love. All of us want to have that true love which will forever grow more and more will be ever fresh and never wither. O what will we not be willing to give for that ecstatic experience of love which will never end, where there is no heart break and which is an ever lasting love affair not subject to break, decay or boredom. You may ask any man or woman how much they value love. Ask them if they would want to live if they had everything but no love. No one would want a life without love. For love is life and life is love.

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Published January 31, 2010 178 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Science & Math, Law & Philosophy.

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